EXO’s Xiumin Says He Only Needs Fans’ Love In Sweet Letter About Decision To No Longer Accept Fan Gifts

On February 6, EXO’s Xiumin penned a sweet letter to fans, giving an update on what he’s been up to recently. He also announced that he will no longer be accepting fan gifts, explaining that all he needs is the sincere love of fans. Fellow EXO members have made similar decisions, with Chen and D.O. in 2016 and Lay in 2015.

After first greeting the fans in a playfully formal manner, the singer wrote, “I am currently working hard these days to prepare for something. Of course, that something is for everyone. Because nothing has been revealed, you thought that I was just resting, right? I want to say to anyone who thought that way that ‘that is absolutely not the truth!!’ hahaha.” He went on to talk about how he understands that fans must be dying of curiosity, and added, “I plan to be busier than last year in 2018!”

Xiumin also discussed how he has become more talkative in front of fans, saying, “I’ve become a little more comfortable with talking than I was in my debut years because I’ve become that much closer with our Eris [EXO-Ls] and we’ve shared a lot of memories and years together. Thank you so much for making me this way. I continue to leave myself in your hands, our Eris who are the best in the universe.”

Getting to the main point he wished to address, the singer then said, “Truthfully, I’m very, very sorry this is so sudden, but I’m uploading this post because there’s a message that I wish to convey to you all. The presents that everyone sends for me! I use them well while feeling very grateful and am able to live not lacking anything thanks to them.

“While I want to accept everything if it was just based on my feelings when I think about everyone’s sincerity [but] oh my… What to do… There is no space at home for me to put my feet anymore… If I were to speak straightforwardly without beating around the bush, I will— no, I want to, only accept everyone’s feelings from now on. To be honest, I think there are no greater gifts than love and concern. I am actually more greedy to receive those feelings more profoundly and continuously, rather than physical things. It’s quite selfish of me, isn’t it…? haha.

“The conclusion I came to while carefully thinking about how I should say this to everyone so that no one feels hurt… It’s not as if [I’m talking] to anyone else, but to EXO-Ls, so I thought that I should just speak truthfully however it comes out. Because of this, the words just flowed out but just in case, if there is anyone who felt upset or hurt because of my truthfulness, I am extremely sorry.”

He continued to express how he’s always thinking about how to repay the fans for the love, and that he will continue to work his hardest. “I have a great desire to work hard, in order to be skilled in all aspects! It’ll be little by little, but I will definitely show you my growth. I’ll also manage myself so that I can become even more cool,” Xiumin stated. “I am now 29 years old [by Korean reckoning]! I will give it my all as much as it is my last year in my 20s.”

Adding that he hopes everyone will be healthy, the idol concluded, “To EXO-Ls who are EXO’s support and always make it so that I only see good things, only hear good things, and have only good experiences! Let’s have a really happy time together in 2018, and not pay attention or worry about other things. Then, see you soon~ (I won’t make you wait long.) I love you.”

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