“The Unit” Opens Submissions For Finalist Group Names

With “The Unit” finale coming up this Saturday, the idol rebooting show has asked fans what names they’d like to see for the finalist groups.

KBS’s “The Unit,” which began airing last October, will be forming two nine-member groups, with a female and male group both making the debut. The top nine for both genders will be determined in the finale, when the remaining 36 contestants will perform their final mission.

On February 5, “The Unit” asked fans to submit names for the male and female teams, currently known as Unit B and Unit G. The show is taking submissions for names from February 5 to 8. Those who submit ideas will also be entered into a draw for tickets to the finale.

“The Unit” will air its live finale on February 10 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

Before the finale, catch up with the show by watching the latest episode below!

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