NCT Holds A Fun Live Broadcast With All 18 Members For The First Time

NCT appeared in a V Live broadcast for the first time with all 18 members, including their three new additions!

On February 6, the members of NCT held a broadcast titled “WELCOME NCT 2018.” Super Junior member Leeteuk was the special MC for the day and used his 14 years of experience to teach the members about talents, reactions, and greetings. He hugged each member, helped introduce new members Jungwoo, Lucas, and Kun to fans for the first time, and praised their good looks.

When asked to choose the member whose appearance he is most envious of, Johnny replied, “There are a lot.” He continued, “If I had to pick one, it would be Lucas. He’s so handsome. He gives off actor vibes and I thought it’d be nice to have a face like his just once.”

He also praised Taeyong’s good looks and added, “He is often called the ‘2D Man.’ He looks like he just came out of a cartoon. He’s handsome. I was originally envious of Taeyong.”

Jaehyun talked about his nickname and said, “The nickname ‘Memory Manipulator’ was given to me by fans. I manipulated their memory so that I am their first love.”

NCT members shared their thoughts on shooting their first pictorial for “2018 NCT Yearbook.” Mark commented, “It was embarrassing to see our own photos.”

Lucas added, “It was fun at first. There were a lot of people.” Kun echoed similar sentiments and said, “Honestly, it was really weird. There were a lot more people than I thought, so I didn’t know what to do by myself. My mind went blank. When Lucas did weird poses in front of me, I got less nervous.”

Jungwoo noted, “I was really nervous and cold.”

Doyoung stated, “‘2018 NCT Yearbook’ holds a lot of meaning. It is a teaser and we can show you our faces and names in a sensuous way. We revealed Jungwoo, Lucas, and Kun, and we will have both unit and team activities in Korea and around the world. New versions of ‘NCT Yearbook’ will be released every year, so please look forward to it.”

NCT also discussed their upcoming promotions as NCT 2018. Haechan promised a “legendary performance” while Ten teased about a duet with another member. The group added, ‘Through ‘2018 NCT Yearbook,’ many clips will be released starting this week. NCT U, NCT Dream, NCT 127, and the newly revealed members all participated in the upcoming ‘NCT 2018’ album.”

The group concluded, “NCT generation has started. Please support NCT 2018 in the future. We will work hard.”

NCT 2018” will be released in March.

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