Oh Yeon Seo Shows Character's True Colors With Impressive Acting In

Actress Oh Yeon Seo portrays the many diverse sides of her brusque but lovable character Jin Sun Mi/Sam Jang in “Hwayugi” stills.

Jin Sun Mi, who used to just see evil spirits, freed Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) from his punishment and in turn was punished herself by becoming Sam Jang, the one whose blood calls after all kinds of demons, both good and bad.

In order to go unnoticed, Jin Sun Mi is always seen clad in black, and her face maintains a blank expression all the time. She makes the color black look chic and fashionable though, and the fact that she is unable to express her true feelings portray the hardships she went through as a lonely child.

However, Jin Sun Mi isn’t always emotionless and naive. She changes into a charismatic woman when she deals with evil spirits and transforms into a woman in love whenever Son Oh Gong appears next to her. Despite the cold way she deals with evil spirits, there are times when she empathizes with spirits who have their own tearful stories. In earlier episodes, she gave food to a young spirit who was curled up on the street with a frightened expression on his face and listened to the singing of another young spirit who was miserable because she couldn’t audition before she passed away.

Jin Sun Mi also shows confusion whenever she deals with her emotions for Son Oh Gong. She falls for Son Oh Gong whenever he declares his love for her but snaps back into reality when she realizes he may only love her due to the magical bracelet’s control over his heart.


In the latest episode, Ah Sa Nyeo (Lee Se Young) stole Jin Sun Mi’s spot as Sam Jang and attempted to take over Son Oh Gong’s heart. Will Jin Sun Mi be able to save both Son Oh Gong and herself from the contemptuous claws of Ah Sa Nyeo? You will be able to find out in episode 13, which will air on February 10 at 9 p.m. KST.

Watch the first episode below!


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