iKON Members Show Off Details Of Their New Dorm

During their appearance on the February 7 broadcast of “Weekly Idol,” iKON revealed their new dorm.

Host Defconn commented, “We heard that you guys moved to a new dorm recently. We want to congratulate you.” iKON explained how they had actually moved into two separate dorms—one for three of the members and one for the other four—, and now each have their own room.

They then took turns describing and showing off their rooms. B.I shared, “[My room] is comfortable. No matter where I lay down, I can fall asleep.” Another noticeable feature of his room was a picture he displayed of his younger sister.

Junhoe also had striking items in his room, and explained, “I put things on display that I like.” He added how a stone seen in the photo was something he brought back from Dongmyo Shrine.

Yunhyeong described that his room was set up like a hotel, and also showed off a picture saying that he drew it. However, Junhoe chimed in, “He didn’t draw it. He just colored it.”

Similar to Yunhyeong, Donghyuk commented that he kept things calm and simple while decorating. “I started to drink wine with my members in my room,” he added.

When it was Bobby’s turn, the other members poked fun at how the photo showed when the room was cleaner. Compared to his fellow members, Bobby had more items lying around. The rapper himself commented that he tends to just leave things around the room, such as his clothes.

During the broadcast, iKON also tried to dance their choreography to “Rhythm Ta” while TWICE’s “Heart Shaker” played in the background. Check it out here!

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