EXID's Hani Touches Soyou And Her Sister With Her Thoughtfulness

EXID’s Hani impressed Soyou and her older sister with a thoughtful gift.

On the February 8 episode of JTBC2’s “Soyou X Hani’s Beauty View,” Soyou opened up a flea market. To surprise Soyou, Hani brought lunch for her and her sister. Soyou couldn’t hide her surprise that Hani had brought lunch for her sister also.

Soyou guessed, “I think you brought fried tofu rice balls.” Hani cutely whined, “Fried tofu rice balls are too hard to make.” Soyou guessed fried rice next, but Hani denied it. Hani opened up the lunch box to reveal salad and character rice balls. Impressed, Soyou took photos to capture the cute food.

Soyou’s sister appeared in the room, and Hani burst into laughter as she exclaimed, “There are two Soyous!” Soyou told her sister, “Hani brought lunch for us,” and surprised, her sister asked, “There’s one for me, too?” When she saw the lunch Hani had prepared for her, she squealed, “Amazing! That’s cute!” Then Soyou’s sister compared Soyou and Hani, saying, “Soyou isn’t cute like this.”

The adorable and healthy lunches weren’t all that Hani had in store for Soyou and her sister. Hani brought pouches of fruit and snacks for them as well. Soyou’s sister praised Hani, saying, “There are many delicious things in here. You are so considerate. You’re so sweet.” Hani couldn’t hide her embarrassment as she covered her ears and turned away from the touched sisters. She admitted, “I feel happy. Thank you.”

Soyou’s sister commented, “It’s my first time receiving such a gift from a celebrity,” to which Soyou bluntly replied, “I’m a celebrity, too. She keeps forgetting that.”

The sisters couldn’t stop admiring Hani and her gifts, and in turn, Hani couldn’t stop blushing and smiling.

Don’t you wish you had a sweet friend like Hani?

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