February Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

On February 10, the Korean Business Research Institute announced the newest ranking for brand reputation among girl groups.

The ranking is based on the analysis of consumers’ participation, media coverage, interaction, and community indexes for 111,197,984 pieces of big data on about 50 girl groups from January 8 to February 9. This is a 25.58 percent increase from the 88,551,030 pieces of big data analyzed for the January ranking.

Along with the recent release of their repackaged album, Red Velvet rose to first place with a participation score of 1,710,472, media coverage score of 3,069,336, interaction score of 2,666,531, and community score of 6,291,335 for a total brand reputation score of 13,737,674. This is a 71.33 percent increase from their January score.

TWICE took second with a participation score of 1,045,636, media coverage score of 2,331,528, interaction score of 2,098,000, and community score of 6,241,234 for a total brand reputation score of 11,716,398.

MOMOLAND rose four spots to take third with a participation score of 1,195,780, media coverage score of 2,291,400, interaction score of 455,045, and community score of 2,693,836 for a total brand reputation score of 6,636,061. Their total score increased by 79.06 percent from their January score.

Check out the top 30 below:

  1. Red Velvet
  2. TWICE
  4. Oh My Girl
  5. Girls’ Generation
  7. Apink
  9. Lovelyz
  10. fromis_9
  12. gugudan
  13. Cosmic Girls
  14. T-ara
  15. WANNA.B
  16. AOA
  17. Girl’s Day
  18. Rainbow
  19. EXID
  21. Weki Meki
  22. LABOUM
  23. APRIL
  25. Berry Good
  26. f(x)
  27. LOONA
  28. DreamCatcher
  29. DIA
  30. 9MUSES

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