Lee Seung Gi Confronts Sung Ji Roo In A Tense Situation For “Hwayugi”

Hwayugi” has released images of Lee Seung Gi angrily confronting Sung Ji Roo, hinting at tension between their characters.

The upcoming episode of “Hwayugi” will include Lee Seung Gi’s character Son Oh Gong meeting Sung Ji Roo. Sung Ji Roo’s character, Soo Bo Ri, is a deity who knows way of the heavens. Unlike his previous demeanor, Son Oh Gong confronts Soo Bo Ri with a steel gaze, drawing his face close in anger.The images show Lee Seung Gi coldly staring down at Sung Ji Roo. Lee Seung Gi maintains a grim expression as he lowers himself to meet Sung Ji Roo’s eyes. Another image shows Lee Seung Gi holding the death bell, which was discovered at the home of Oh Yeon Seo‘s character Jin Sun Mi, in front of Sung Ji Roo, raising anticipation over the grave situation between the two characters. Viewers are curious to learn the reason why Son Oh Gong sought Soo Bo Ri and what their conversation entailed.It was revealed Lee Seung Gi and Sung Ji Roo joked around while filming the scene and were able to film in a comfortable environment. The two actors greeted the staff in a friendly manner as they arrived on set that day. Lee Seung Gi and Sung Ji Roo also showed their dedication to their roles as they repeatedly discussed and rehearsed their scenes. Once the cameras started rolling, Lee Seung Gi and Sung Ji Roo fully immersed into their characters as Lee Seung Gi portrayed a threatening Son Oh Gong, and Sung Ji Roo captured Soo Bo Ri’s confusion at Son Oh Gong’s unexpected actions.

Episode 13 of “Hwayugi” will air on Saturday, February 10 at 9 p.m. KST via tvN.

Catch up with the first episode of “Hwayugi” below, if you haven’t already!

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