BIGBANG’s Seungri Impresses With His Fluency In Chinese At Movie Promotions

BIGBANG’s Seungri showed off his impressive fluency in Chinese at promotional activities for his upcoming movie.

On February 9, Seungri attended the press conference for his new movie “Love Only” at the New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui of Hong Kong.“Love Only” is a Chinese romance movie about the love and friendship between a young man and woman. In the movie, Seungri plays a marketing manager who grew up in Europe, with Taiwanese star Haden Kuo starring as his love interest. The movie was shot in various places around the world, including Beijing, Hong Kong, France, England, and Saipan, and finished filming in 2016.

At the press conference, Seungri presented his co-star Haden Kuo with a flower, saying, “I, Seungri, will do everything for my movie ‘Love Only’ with Haden Kuo.”Seungri also shared that his character Winston is very similar to his own personality. He explained why he chose to star in the movie, saying, “Korea, China, and Hong Kong are close, and the cultures are similar, so I was able to relate. I wanted to challenge myself.”

It was revealed that Seungri did not rely on an interpreter for the entirety of the event and was able to maintain the lively atmosphere. The MCs were notably impressed by Seungri’s Chinese skills, to which he replied, “I started learning foreign languages about seven to eight years ago, so I try not to use an interpreter when I can. I always ask for clarification if I don’t understand the meaning, which is how I improved my Chinese language skills.”

Seungri’s movie “Love Only” will be first released throughout China on March 2 and then be released later in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, and more.Source (1)