KBS’s idol rebooting project “The Unit” aired its finale on February 10.

During the episode, the remaining male and female contestants revealed their thoughts on what the show and the other contestants meant to them in an interview.

100%’s Rokhyun remarked, “The program ‘The Unit’ to me was like a mirror. I was able to view Rokhyun as a singer. I learned a lot, and I was able to mature a bit.” To his fellow contestants, he added, “We worked hard enough. I hope we can receive lots of love and be confident in the future.”

MYNAME’s Seyong stated, “It felt like belated growing pains. I think I felt a lot of the pain of growth inside. It was a program that we approached as a ‘final [chance],’ so a large part of me hoped that things would turn out well for everyone.”

BIGSTAR’s Feeldog commented, “I performed choreography that I had created, and we were able to try coming up with our own concept. Those were experiences that I wouldn’t have had if it weren’t for this program. The feeling of desperation was a common denominator that brought us closer, so I’m sad that I won’t be able to see those people [anymore].”

Ji Hansol stated, “I thought it would be a real [fight for] survival, like a war, but I ended up genuinely cheering for others.”

HOTSHOT’s Timoteo said, “I’m really thankful to the other contestants for putting on such cool performances and always motivating me.”

Boys Republic’s Suwoong noted, “We shared difficult things, happy things, and sad things together, so it feels like we became a family.”

U-KISS’s Jun said, “[The other contestants] became my strength and a real source of support. I feel like I gained a treasure trove.”

HOTSHOT’s Hojung shared, “To me, it’s really meaningful to have gained people with whom I shared this experience.”

H.B.Y’s Marco commented, “I liked when we looked at each other and laughed. When we sat [together], talked, and laughed.”

IM’s Hangyul commented, “I think I’m really going to miss being together and practicing together.”

MAS’s Dongmyeong revealed, “I thought it would be nice to have an older brother, and now I’ve gained so many at once.”

IM’s Kijoong said, “It was a rare [opportunity] to learn and gain something from the older contestants, so I was thankful that they approached me first.”

MADTOWN’s Daewon stated, “I will pray with all of my heart that there will only be happy days ahead for us.”

A.C.E’s Chan noted, “Since you all courageously chose to participate in the show and did a good job, I trust that many good things lie ahead in the future.”

IMFACT’s Jeup remarked, “Each and every one of you is precious, so I hope we can end [the program] as a good memory.”

BIGFLO’s Euijin added, “Thank you for making great memories together, and I hope to see more of you flying around on stage.”

MADTOWN’s Lee Geon said, “Let’s not forget our memories together and everything [that happened].”

Boyfriend’s Donghyun concluded, “Let’s continue to see each other. We may be saying goodbye on ‘The Unit,’ but not in our lives. I love you. Let’s see each other often.”

SONAMOO’s Euijin said, “Because I made so many good friends, I think I became less lonely after appearing on ‘The Unit.'”

Looking back on the show, NC.A remarked, “When you light the smoke on the red ember of a candle right before it goes out, it lights back up. I think that’s how I feel. It feels like right before my light was about to go out, it was relit.” She added, “The fact that I now have someone with whom I can talk openly is something I’m grateful for.”

LABOUM’s ZN commented, “I think what I will remember most is sweating together and then eating together afterwards.”

Lee Suji described the show as “a sign” and said, “I think it told me which way to go. Thank you for going through the hard times together with me. I was so happy, and I don’t think I will ever forget it.”

DIA’s Yebin remarked, “I realized that in some ways, I, too, can be someone who can be of help to my members. I learned that I was able to give small bits of advice, which was really cool. There may be difficult things or happy things ahead of us, but I hope we can endure them well together.”

Dal Shabet’s Woohee stated, “I think they gave me lots of positive and bright energy. I think I gained a lot of strength [from them]. Thank you, everyone.”

Lee Bo Lim added, “I think I learned a lot about teamwork.”

DIA’s Somyi said, “The older contestants gave me a lot of courage and cheered for me, so I think I was able to gain strength and try again.”

Shin Ji Hoon commented, “I lack a lot, and there may have been times when I was a burden, but thank you for leading me and taking good care of me.”

Yang Jiwon revealed, “There was a lot to learn from the other contestants, and it was an honor to [go through this] with them.”

MelodyDay’s Yeoeun confessed, “There were a lot of younger contestants, and I am regretful that I wasn’t able to take care of them more warmly.”

Matilda’s DanA declared, “I really hope we can meet again while promoting [our respective groups].”

MelodyDay’s Chahee remarked, “Let’s not forget about when we met, and I hope there will come a day when we can all shine.”

Yoonjo stated, “I hope things turn out well for everyone, and I think there’s potential for it to happen.”

Euna Kim said, “I hope we can all prove together that we are stars who need to shine and end ‘The Unit’ in a cool way.”

Matilda’s Semmi added, “Everyone worked really hard, and I hope there comes a day when we all meet again at the top.”

Lee Hyun Joo commented, “I hope we can all succeed, and I hope [your lives] will only be full of good days to the point where people say, ‘Everyone on ‘The Unit’ succeeded.'”

GOOD DAY’s Jiwon concluded, “You are all cool and valuable people, so don’t lose confidence, and I hope you will fight on.”

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