Sunye Tearfully Remembers And Talks About Her Late Grandmother

Sunye and her husband recalled their fond memories of her late grandmother on JTBC’s “Stranger.”

On the February 11 broadcast, Sunye’s husband James Park brought up a memory of the time they got into an argument before going on a trip to a ski resort. The grandmother helped them make up and the argument ended with them hugging and crying.

James Park began, “She passed not too long after that. When we lived in Korea for a few months before she passed away, I was really happy then. She took care of me more than you did. You were busy then, so Eun Yoo, your grandma, and I spent a lot of time together.”

He continued, “Whenever your grandma talked about you, I always felt that you were her daughter and she was your mother. She really cherished and loved you. Now that you were married, had a kid, and pregnant with your second child [at the time], she said, ‘Now I can go to heaven.’ It hurt my heart and it made me think that I should really be good to you. She raised you so well and I should continue that. We should live happily and make your grandma happy. She was an amazing person.”

Sunye listened to her husband and began to shed tears looking out the window. Her husband quickly said, “Don’t cry,” and added, “You’re just like your grandma. Your personality is. You’re brave, you are able to adapt to any situation, and can overcome difficulties. You always wanting to do your best, you’re just like your grandmother.”

In a separate interview, Sunye told the story of being raised by her grandmother. She revealed, “One thing was that I didn’t have any siblings. My dad, grandpa, and mom passed away early, so she worried about that the most. Then, I got pregnant and gave birth. She saw that and said, ‘You now have a friend for life, so live happily.'”

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