ASTRO Names Favorite V Live Moments And Ideas For Future Broadcasts

ASTRO celebrated becoming one of Naver V Live’s 2018 Global Top 10 with a special broadcast.

During the February 13 show, ASTRO thanked fans, looked back at their last year, and brainstormed for future broadcasts.

ASTRO began by saying that they will not let themselves just be satisfied with being chosen as one of the Top 10, and will instead work to provide fans with better content.

Moonbin then asked the members to choose their most memorable moments on V Live. He went first and answered, “‘Suits Knights’ was really fun. I liked the concept, and the story and set were high quality, so I want to do it again.”

MJ replied, “Doing a an eating show in our dressing room was the most memorable. It made me so happy and the food was delicious too. I showed you how I eat in real life.”

Sanha chose his “Eat With Me” broadcast and said, “It was really yummy.” JinJin added, “That was the day we received 100,000 hearts for the first time. That day was memorable for me too,” and said he enjoys watching the uploaded V Live clips.

The ASTRO members also came up with creative ideas for future broadcasts. Rocky said, “We did a lot of funny content in the past, so I want to try doing cool things too. I want to show us doing water sports in the summer.”

Cha Eun Woo suggested, “I want to try a VR experience,” and added he wants to do a radio show using stories from the members. Sanha said, “There is something I want to do again. Last year, we played a game. We did it on V Live and communicated with fans. It was fun.”

For their 1 million hearts pledge, Moonbin said, “I think fans like our eating shows, so I want to go somewhere and do a broadcast. I want to go to our favorite barbeque restaurant and show you how much and how well we can eat.”

ASTRO chose Cha Eun Woo as the member who contributed the most to their Global Top 10 award. Moonbin and JinJin praised Cha Eun Woo for his enthusiastic attitude towards V Live. In response, Cha Eun Woo said, “How could the ASTRO channel exist? It was possible because of all six members. I think all six of us contributed.”

Congratulations to ASTRO!

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