Yuk Ji Dam Makes Claims About Relationship With Wanna One's Kang Daniel, Kasper Responds

Early morning on February 14, rapper Yuk Ji Dam posted on Instagram a screenshot of a blog post written by a fan of Wanna One’s Kang Daniel, in which the fan wrote a story from Kang Daniel’s point of view.

In a largely unintelligible caption, Yuk Ji Dam claims the post is about her and Kang Daniel, saying, “Isn’t stalking illegal? […] I couldn’t read it all because I couldn’t handle it.”

To protesting fans, Yuk Ji Dam asked them to refrain from saying anything if they don’t know the whole story, and when netizens brought up that she might be drunk because of her nonsensical post, the rapper insisted that she was completely sober.

The Instagram posts in question have since been deleted by Yuk Ji Dam, although one post remains, in which she says, “I’m not the one that needs to respond to this, but the people involved. If you don’t know the story, stop leaving hate comments. I don’t know either. Please show up … no more … pranks … makes me mad. I don’t know what’s what. People’s scars and whatnot, everyone has a story, so leave it alone for now.”

The fan who originally wrote the blog post has also closed her blog, saying that she doesn’t want to cause any trouble for Kang Daniel, and that she has no involvements with Yuk Ji Dam.

With rumors abounding after Yuk Ji Dam’s posts, Kasper wrote a brief explanation of the situation on her Instagram. Below is her full post:

한참 고민을 하다 사실이 아닌 말들이 너무나도 많이 오가는것 같아서 워너원 팬 분들과 다니엘 팬 분들, 그리고 최근 지담이 인스타그램을 보며 걱정 또는 비판하신 분들에게 조금의 이해라도 돕고자 조심스럽게 몇자 적어봅니다. 2년 전 쯤, 전 당시 연습생이었던 다니엘을 제 지인들이 있는 파티에 초대 했습니다 (어렸을때부터 부산에서 같이 학원을 다녔습니다). 그 자리에 지담이도 있었고 그렇게 지담이랑 다니엘은 처음 알게 되었습니다. 둘 나이가 비슷 하기도 하고 다 친해지는 분위기어서 둘도 그날 이후로 몇 번 더 친구들과 함께 만났고, 그 후 둘 다 한테 서로 좋은 마음을 가지고 연락을 하고 있다는 말을 전해 들었습니다. 그러고 얼마 지나지 않아 MMO 소속사 연습생들이 프로듀스를 준비하게 되면서 촬영 스케쥴과 연습 일정 때문에 바빠졌고, 다니엘 또한 마지막 기회라고 생각하고 연습에 집중을 하기 위해 지담이와 이미 만나기도 어렵고 연락하기 힘든 상황인 사이를 서로 좋은 감정으로 정리 한 걸로 알고 있습니다. 데뷔 이후 샵에서 마주치거나 했을때도 형식적인 인사를 주고 받고, 그 이상의 연락 또는 관계는 없었고 가능하지 않았던걸로 압니다. 무슨 이유에서 지담이가 블로그 포스팅을 캡쳐해서 올린건지, 그리고 무슨 이유에서 이해하기 힘들 정도로 지담이의 글 들 속 오타가 난무하는지는 대화를 해보려 해도 이해가 안 갑니다. 하지만 확실한건 블로그 글이 둘의 관계를 반영해서 쓴 듯한 느낌은 전혀 받지 못했습니다. 당사자가 아니라 이 이상의 말과 상황을 설명 하긴 어렵지만, 둘을 알게 한 입장에서 더 이상의 추측들로 생기는 피해가 조금이라도 덜 했으면 합니다.

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“I debated a lot [about writing this], but because there seem to be so many falsehoods going around, I’m going to say a few words to aid understanding of the situation for Wanna One fans, Kang Daniel’s fans, and for those that have been concerned or angered by Yuk Ji Dam’s Instagram post.

“About two years ago, I invited [Kang] Daniel, who was a trainee at the time, to a party with people I knew (we used to go to the same extracurricular academy in Busan when we were younger). [Yuk] Ji Dam was there, too, and that’s how Ji Dam and Daniel came to know each other. They were around the same age, and everyone was getting along really well that night; afterward, [Yuk Ji Dam and Kang Daniel] met a couple more times with mutual friends, and I heard from both of them later that they were beginning to contact each other with interest.

“Not long afterward, the MMO trainees began to prepare for ‘Produce 101,’ and they became busy with their film and training schedules. To my knowledge, [Daniel and Ji Dam] ended things mutually and on a good note, with it being difficult for them to meet and contact each other since Daniel was focused on training for [‘Produce 101’], a show that he thought would be his last shot. After [Daniel] debuted, even if the two met at the salon, they would just exchange greetings; they didn’t contact each other or have a relationship, nor was that possible.

“I don’t understand why Ji Dam posted the screenshot of the blog post, or why there are so many errors in Ji Dam’s post to the point that it’s difficult to comprehend. However, what I am certain of is that the blog post doesn’t seem to be about [Daniel and Ji Dam’s] relationship at all. I can’t say more because I’m not directly involved, but, as the person that introduced the two to each other, I simply would like to prevent further rumors.”

Kang Daniel’s agency YMC Entertainment has responded to the situation, saying that they will taking legal action against any rumors that are spreading as a result of a past friendship.

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