iKON Shares Their Personal Goals And Dreams

iKON talked about the goals they want to personally achieve and the secrets to maintaining their health amidst their busy schedule on the February 14 broadcast of SBS FM’s “Song Eun Yi and Kim Sook’s Unni’s Radio.”

First off, the members shared their personal goals. Junhoe honestly said, “I want to be very popular among women. I want to have [the popularity] all to myself.” Jinhwan revealed, “I want to have all the sexiness in the world. I think people need to be sexy.”

Following them, Yunhyeong said he wants to be known through his name that his grandfather gave him rather than as a member of iKON, while Chanwoo wants to exclusively possess Yang Hyun Suk‘s love. Chanwoo explained, “Donghyuk is receiving all the love. Yang Hyun Suk’s daughter likes him a lot.”

Bobby revealed his simple personal goal of being able to sleep as much as he wants. He said, “Being good at rapping is important, too, but I have a desire to become one with my bed. Sleeping is my hobby. I want to work harder on my hobby. I once wasted a day sleeping without eating.”

Leader B.I expressed his desire to not think at all while Donghyuk confessed, “It’s both my dream and ambition to show off an amazing dance at our concert. I don’t think it’s time for that yet though.”

The members of iKON also discussed the ways they maintain their health. B.I revealed, “I had twitches under my eyes, so I took a shot, and I also take nutritional supplements.” Junhoe stated, “There’s no one who is perfectly healthy. It’s a problem for me because if I skip a meal, my mind becomes muddled.” Chanwoo shared, “I take a lot of nutritional supplements. I take two in the morning and four at night.”

iKON’s recent comeback track “Love Scenario” has been a huge hit on music charts.

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