Cha Seung Won Is Furious With Sung Ji Roo As Tensions Mount In

Cha Seung Won is quite the angry demon in the upcoming episodes of “Hwayugi.”

The actor is currently starring in the drama as Woo Ma Wang, a gentlemanly demon working to become a deity for the last thousand years, and the CEO of Korea’s largest entertainment agency, Lucifer Entertainment.

In the previous episodes, after listening to Ah Sa Nyeo’s (played by Lee Se Young) suggestion to save the love of his life Na Chal Nyeo (played by Kim Ji Soo), Woo Ma Wang goes to Soo Bo Ri (played by Sung Ji Roo) to verify if it’s possible. When the elderly deity states, “Na Chal Nyeo is a woman who has committed a grave crime,” Woo Ma Wang breaks the table in half in rage. Afterwards, with the help of Jin Sun Mi (played by Oh Yeon Seo), he receives 88 of the 99 punishments his love must bear, and he slowly deteriorates.

Although Soo Bo Ri dissuaded Woo Ma Wang, he eventually aided the two in their quest to relieve Na Chal Nyeo of her punishments. He even fainted after taking one of the punishments himself. Thanks to his help, Na Chal Nyeo was able to finish her ninth reincarnation without suffering.

However in the upcoming episode, it appears that Cha Seung Won has another reason to be furious with Sung Ji Roo. Although the elderly deity is smiling brightly at him, Woo Ma Wang stands over him while glaring at him with suspicion and fury. Although the two previously helped each other out while also quarreling now and then, it appears to be different this time.

Find out what is going on between the two characters in the upcoming episode of “Hwayugi,” which airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. KST.

If you haven’t already, watch the first episode below!

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