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Although the group debuted in 2014, SONAMOO recently leapt onto the public’s radar, as their member Euijin ranked first place on KBS’s idol rebooting project “The Unit” and joined the final Unit G team.

In a recent interview, the other members of SONAMOO shared how thankful they were to Euijin. Sumin commented, “Not only the members, but the members’ parents all watched ‘The Unit’ and cheered Euijin on. We were so happy and proud that she got first place. Our group name rose in search rankings online and there were a lot of articles about Euijin so it was great.”

New Sun stated, “People who didn’t know SONAMOO now know it as ‘Euijin’s group.’ It’s not a bad feeling, but a great one. Euijin really brought our group out there.”

The members then chose Euijin’s effort as the reason why she placed first. New Sun, who shares a room with Euijin in their group dorm, explained, “I use the top bunk of our bunk bed, and the night before competitions, she couldn’t sleep at all because she was so nervous. She felt a lot of pressure, but she was able to beat it, and so I’m proud.”

Euijin’s other roommate D.ana shared that she was exactly the same as on the show. She commented, “Even when we practice our choreography, she always teaches the other members and is kind.” She joked and then praised Euijin, saying, “Although she nags sometimes, she’s a great person.”

The SONAMOO members then showered their member with praise, sharing how despite her busy schedule because of the show, she would clean the group dorm and then head to filming. High.D shared, “Euijin wasn’t able to promote with us last November, when we released ‘I (Knew It).’ It was in the middle of ‘The Unit’ but she watched all of our broadcasts and gave us advice. We were so thankful. Whenever she had a competition or filming the next day, she sang until 3 a.m. in the morning. We could really see her effort. We thought it was an amazing effort.”

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