Watch: SEVENTEEN Surprises High School Girls With Hilarious Hidden Camera Event

SEVENTEEN played a funny game to surprise their fan girls at a high school!

The event was especially designated for a fan named Soo Jung who had recently gone to SEVENTEEN’s fan meeting. In order to surprise her, SEVENTEEN showed up during her school yoga session, and a video of the event was shared on Dingo.

Jeonghan, The8, and Hoshi were chosen as “avatars” for the rest, and sent in to pose as cameramen with their faces covered.

In the beginning, the three avatars had to carry out directions from the rest of their members who were hiding in the back. They danced fervently to yoga music and pretended to fall down from the bleachers. Yet, the students were too busy with yoga to really react to them.

SEVENTEEN took the hidden camera event up a notch by making Jeonghan follow the yoga moves in the back. Not only did he have to do yoga, but he also had to raise his hand and abruptly ask out loud, “Teacher, am I doing it right?” Heads finally turned his way, and the girls looked baffled as to why the cameraman was joining them in their yoga session.

Things became more hilarious as Sunmi’s “Gashina” started to play. Hoshi was ordered to sing it out loud, and he did in a funny way that made the students, as well as the rest of the SEVENTEEN members behind the scenes, burst into a fit of giggles. Jeonghan, The8, and Hoshi danced along to the song and tried to get the students to join them.

Finally, Jeonghan, who is Soo Jung’s favorite member, took off his mask and hat and approached her with a camera, asking, “Should we take a picture?” The fan, who didn’t recognize SEVENTEEN yet, posed with them in confusion. Then due to her classmates’ screams, she found out who she had just taken a picture with, causing her to tear up out of joy.

At the end, the rest of SEVENTEEN appeared and gifted all the girls with backpacks they had personally gone shopping for themselves. Jeonghan helped Soo Jung wear her own backpack and gave her an encouraging hug.

Watch the funny yet sweet clip below!

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