February Female Advertisement Model Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

The Korean Business Research Institute has shared the February brand reputation rankings of female advertisement models.

The rankings were determined after analyzing 18,236,422 pieces of data about 50 female brand models, which were collected from January 14 to February 15. This marked a 23.68 percent increase from the 14,745,208 pieces of data used in the rankings for last November.

The monthly brand reputation rankings are a product of big data analysis of participation, media coverage, communication, and community awareness as a means to study consumer habits.

Kim Yuna came in first for February with a total score of 2,492,725 points. This was an impressive 261.55 percent jump from her previous score of 689,458 points in the November 2017 rankings.

The chief of the Korean Business Research Institute, Goo Chang Hwan, remarked, “Following the analysis for the February 2018 female advertisement model brand rankings, Kim Yuna has placed first after topping last November’s rankings as well. Kim Yuna’s brand has been increasing among consumers due to the PyeongChang Olympics, and has been successful communicating and spreading awareness to consumers.

He continued, “‘Beautiful, does well, and I like her’ ranked high as keywords related to Kim Yuna’s brand, while ‘queen, PyeongChang, and Olympics’ ranked high in the link analysis. Kim Yuna’s brand was determined to be 63.97 percent positive after a brand sentiment analysis.”

IU took second place, recording a total score of 1,114,611 points. This was a 84.82 percent increase from her 603,088 point score in the November 2017 rankings.

Finally, Hong Jin Young placed third with a total score of 965,393 points, which is a whopping 431.09 percent increase from her previous score in the November 2017 rankings.

The top 30 for this month are as follows:

  1. Kim Yuna
  2. IU
  3. Hong Jin Young
  4. Son Na Eun
  5. Jung Yoo Mi
  6. Seolhyun
  7. Irene
  8. Baek Jin Hee
  9. Han Hye Jin
  10. Jung So Min
  11. Kim So Hyun
  12. Park Na Rae
  13. Jun Ji Hyun
  14. Kim Ji Won
  15. Hyeri
  16. Kim Hee Sun
  17. Suzy
  18. Kim Yoo Jung
  19. Ji Woo
  20. Kim Tae Hee
  21. Shim Eun Kyung
  22. Taeyeon
  23. Son Yeon Jae
  24. Park Han Byul
  25. Kyungri
  26. Ha Ji Won
  27. Son Ye Jin
  28. Jung Chae Yeon
  29. Han Eun Jung
  30. Jane

Check out the rankings for male advertisement models here!

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