Yoo Seung Ho Shares Relatable Concerns And Thoughts On Malicious Comments

Actor Yoo Seung Ho recently sat down for an interview, where he revealed his outlook on malicious comments.

When described as a celebrity without any malicious comments, Yoo Seung Ho waved his hands in denial as he replied, “That’s not entirely the case.” When the actor shared that he receives malicious comments as well, the reporter then asked for an example. Yoo Seung Ho paused for a moment before he said, “Go back to the army?” with a laugh. He explained, “Sometimes there are those that say things that hit close to home. But most of them are far from the truth or just rants. I just don’t want to get hurt by every little comment.”

Yoo Seung Ho is already in his 18th year since debut, and has thus matured relatively faster than his peers. The actor shared one of his concerns, saying, “I like observing people, and get inspiration from it. But, I don’t really like meeting with other people. As time goes by, it’s harder to figure out how to treat others. I feel like opportunities to sincerely interact with others are dwindling.”

Voicing another concern, Yoo Seung Ho continued on to remark, “When I was young, 26 seemed like the age I would do everything. However, when I go out to drink with my friends, they still ask me for my identification. Only my age increased, everything else is the same. Sometimes I feel like I am stuck in the past.”

Yoo Seung Ho recently starred in MBC’s “I Am Not a Robot,” which ended this past January. Check it out below!

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