Results For The 2nd Day Of MBC’s “2018 Idol Star Athletics Championships”

MBC aired this year’s “2018 Idol Star Athletics Championships New Year Special” over the Lunar New Year holidays from February 15 to 16.

Today’s competitions continued from yesterday, with idols competing in archery, bowling, aerobics, and the 400-meter relay.

Episode 2

Archery — Boys

Quarter Finals – First round:

NCT 127’s Haechan, Yuta, and Johnny were up against UP10TION’s Sunyoul, Bitto, and Gyujin. UP10TION moved on with a score of 66 to 63.

Quarter Finals – Second round:

NU’EST W’s Aron, Ren, and Baekho compete with VIXX’s Hyuk, Ken, and Ravi. NU’EST W moved on to the next round with a score of 60 to 56.

Quarter Finals – Third round:

MONSTA X’s Shownu, Minhyuk, and I.M went up against BTOB’s Peniel, Changsub, and Eunkwang. MONSTA X moved on with a score of 60 to 52 but BTOB had everyone laughing with their showmanship and facial expressions.

Semi Finals – First round:

NU’EST W’s Aron, Ren, and Baekho went up against last year’s silver medalists SEVENTEEN’s Vernon, Dokyeom, and Jun. NU’EST W won by a single point, moving on with a score of 59 to 58.

Semi Finals – Second round:

UP10TION’s Sunyoul, Bitto, and Gyujin went up against MONSTA X’s Wonho, Shownu, and Changkyun. UP10TION won with a score of 64 to 59.

Final winners:

UP10TION’s Sunyoul, Bitto, and Xiao and went up against NU’EST W’s Aron, Ren, and Baekho. Sunyoul and Ren shot each team’s final shot, and the results were a victory to UP10TION by 89 to 86. Both teams congratulated each other on a good game.

Bowling — Girls

Quarter Finals – First round:

Red Velvet’s Joy and Seulgi competed with Apink’s Bomi and Hayoung. Red Velvet took the win and moved on with a score of 93 to 79.

Quarter Finals – Second round:

Lovelyz’s Yein and Jin went up against LABOUM’s Solbin and Soyeon. LABOUM moved on to the next round at a score of 87 to 95.

Quarter Finals – Third round:

Weki Meki’s Kim Doyeon and Lucy were up against GFRIEND’s Umji and Sowon. Weki Meki took the win with 103 points to 97.

Semi Finals – First round:

LABOUM’s Solbin and Soyeon were up against 9MUSES’s Kyungri and Hyemi. The match was a close one, and LABOUM moved on to the next round with a score of 127 to 126.


Weki Meki’s Kim Doyeon and Lucy went up against LABOUM’s Solbin and Soyeon. The match was tight but LABOUM came out on top and won the gold medal with a score of 109 to 101.


The aerobics competition was newly created in 2017 and had boy groups competing against each other. This year’s match saw the return of last year’s gold medalists ASTRO, along with IMFACT, ONF, Golden Child, The Boyz, and UP10TION.

IMFACT was the first group to perform, and they wowed with a routine that incorporated aspects of samulnori [traditional percussion quartet] concept with aerobic moves. Second up to bat was ONF, and they came dressed to the nines with a James Bond concept. They showcased a routine with many different formations and impressed with their acrobatics and in-sync moves.

The third team to perform was Golden Child, and they had a fun cowboy theme that reminded everyone of an old Western movie. They started things off with a highly technical backflip move and they continued to wow throughout their entire performance. Next up was The Boyz, and they came dressed up as the comic book hero Spiderman. The coaches had them slated as strong contenders for the gold medal, and they lived up to those expectations with an awe-inspiring routine.

Fifth was UP10TION, and they came with a Tarzan theme. They had fire in their eyes as they stated they were determined to redeem the reputation of labelmates Teen Top, who came in last place in last year’s competition. The last team to perform was last year’s winners ASTRO, who brought on a theme embodying Elvis Presley. True to their status as reigning champions, ASTRO impressed with an amazing performance.

Final winners: ASTRO won gold for the second year in a row with a score of 18.95. They were the clear winners with an impressive score. Silver went to their biggest competitors The Boyz, and bronze went to Golden Child.

Archery — Girls: Finals

Oh My Girl’s YooA, Binnie, and Seunghee went up against gugudan’s Nayoung, Kim Sejeong, and Hyeyeon. The match was close, and Oh My Girl narrowly beat out gugudan by a single point of 83 to 82. YooA made the winning shot, and she burst out into tears when she realized they had won. Their fans cried along with them as they celebrated their victory.

Bowling — Boys: Finals

The final bowling match was between ASTRO’s Rocky and Cha Eun Woo and EXO’s Chanyeol and TRAX’s Jay. Though ASTRO’s Rocky and Cha Eun Woo put up a fight, with the other members bringing the laughs with their enthusiastic cheers, EXO’s Chanyeol and TRAX’s Jay took home the gold medal 157 to 103.

400-meter relay — Boys

First Preliminary Round:

ONF, KNK, SEVENTEEN, and ASTRO raced together. Despite Cha Eun Woo slipping during his part of the race, ASTRO still came in first with KNK coming in second.

Second Preliminary Round:

VICTON, SNUPER, MONSTA X, and NU’EST W were in the second heat and SNUPER and MONSTA X moved on to the finals, coming in at first and second place.

Final Round:

KNK, SNUPER, ASTRO and MONSTA X raced in the final round. It was a tight race from beginning to end, and though it looked like KNK was going to take the win, ASTRO’s Moonbin’s last spurt led ASTRO to win the gold medal, with second place going to KNK, and SNUPER coming in third place.

400-meter relay — Girls

First Preliminary Round:

PRISTIN, LABOUM, GFRIEND, and DreamCatcher raced and DreamCatcher and LABOUM moved on to the next race, coming in at first and second place.

Second Preliminary Round:

Oh My Girl, Cosmic Girls, Weki Meki, and CLC ran together, and Oh My Girl and CLC moved on, coming it at first and second place.

Final Round:

CLC, Oh My Girl, LABOUM, and DreamCatcher raced in the final round. All of the participants gave it their all and the race was neck and neck amongst the top 3 groups. The victory narrowly went to DreamCatcher, with LABOUM coming in second place and Oh My Girl taking third place.

Watch the second day of the “2018 Idol Star Athletics Championships” below!

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