Jung Hyung Don Opens Up About His Experience With Anxiety Disorder

Comedian Jung Hyung Don has shared his personal experience with anxiety disorder.

Jung Hyung Don temporarily halted all activities in 2015 due to his struggles with anxiety disorder. On the February 16 pilot of tvN’s variety show “Secret Garden,” he attempted to explain what the illness felt like.

“It’s difficult to express it in words,” he confessed. “Generally, it feels like there are dark shadows behind you. [Because of my experiences,] I’m perfectly suited to this show.”

Singer Sung Si Kyung remarked, “Celebrities are glamorous, but exhausted.” Jung Hyung Don agreed, adding, “Because of the nature of my job, some misunderstandings were born because I could not reveal everything in front of the camera.”

“Secret Garden” is a new talk show that discusses various topics related to psychology.

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