Oh My Girl Talks About Their Goals For The New Year

Oh My Girl shared their personal goals for the upcoming new year in a recent interview.

The girl group’s latest release “Secret Garden” was a huge success, ranking high on various music charts and winning the group its first No. 1 trophy on a music program. Oh My Girl also successfully concluded their second solo concert earlier this year, earning themselves public recognition as a trendy idol group.

Jiho shared, “We plan on working hard for the rest of our promotions. My dream is to be an Oh My Girl that promotes without rest. Personally, I want to have more opportunities to meet with the public this year. I hope that this year, Oh My Girl will become known to even more people.”

Mimi talked about wanting to be more active this year, stating, “I hope we can grow closer with our fans and promote more. My personal resolution is to spend each day and each month more optimistically and happily.”

Binnie commented, “I’d like to show people different sides [of Oh My Girl] and diverse types of music. This year, my wish is for us to be able to do more events with fans. Personally, I want to work hard to become a person who is happier today than she was yesterday, and who will be happier tomorrow than she is today.”

Seunghee shared that her goal was to make 2018 a year of happiness. “I want to make it a year where Oh My Girl can give happiness to our fans and to those around us. In order to do that, I hope we grow and take care of both our emotional and physical health.”

Arin stated, “We started 2018 with a good energy. I hope we use that energy, promote hard, and end 2018 on a good note. With 2018 as our start, we’ll work hard to make every year Oh My Girl’s year. Thank you. Happy New Year!”

The members were also asked what their new dreams were, since they had achieved their previous dream of reaching No. 1. Hyojung replied, “I want Oh My Girl to reach more people with our music and performances. For example, like our awesome senior artists who go on nationwide tours, I want to be an Oh My Girl whose music and performances people want to see again and again.”

Seunghee added, “I’m so happy that we’re in a place where we can choose our next goal. My next goal is for Oh My Girl to stage a cool solo performance at a year-end award ceremony. On top of that, if we managed to actually win an award at a year-end award ceremony, I think I would be so happy that I wouldn’t be able to express myself with words.”

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