GOT7 Confirms March Comeback, Shares New Year’s Wishes For 2018

GOT7 recently shared their thoughts on the start of a new year!

On February 14, GOT7 held a special live broadcast in celebration of their Naver V Live 2018 Global Top 10 Award. After thanking their fans for the award, the group members talked about their upcoming plans for the year ahead.

During the broadcast, Jinyoung confirmed definitively that GOT7 would be making its next comeback in March. He remarked, “Our comeback has been set for March. It’s been decided.” JB continued, “Our preparations for our March comeback are now complete, so we’re ready to bring you good music and to show you good performances once again.”

Jinyoung added excitedly, “We want to see you as soon as possible.”

BamBam also hinted that Yugyeom may have contributed to the production of some of the songs on the upcoming album. He teasingly asked Yugyeom, “I heard that something good of yours is coming out soon. Do you want to give [fans] a spoiler or…?” Yugyeom replied, “I’ve been working hard on composing songs, and I’ve been practicing my dancing and singing.”

BamBam then went on to reveal, “For Yugyeom, there’s the album that we’re working on right now, and there’s also something that Yugyeom will reveal soon. You will be able to hear a lot of Yugyeom’s music soon. Please look forward to it.”

BamBam also mentioned GOT7’s upcoming world tour, saying, “At the end of the year, Ahgases [GOT7’s fan club name] gave us so many awards. In return, we will be making a comeback, followed by a world tour. Isn’t it perfect?”

Mark agreed, “At this year’s award ceremonies, we received a lot of awards that had to do with “Worldwide Performance,” “International,” and so on. So to express our gratitude to you all, we will come find you and greet you [through our concerts].”

“There are a lot of countries that we haven’t been able to visit yet,” BamBam added. “If given the opportunity, we’ll go to those countries to see you during our world tour.”

Yugyeom chimed in, “We’ll be visiting a lot of places through our world tour. There may also be places that we’re unable to visit, but please don’t be too sad. Please don’t forget that no matter where you are, we are always thinking of you.”

GOT7 also took the time to wish their fans the best for the new year.

Youngjae advised, “Be careful not to catch a cold, and take care of your health. Please eat lots of delicious food, gain lots of weight, and always be healthy. I love you.”

Yugyeom commented, “I hope that you will be happy at the start of the year and also throughout the rest of the year. Whenever we meet our fans, we feel so grateful, and I hope that we are able to continue to make good memories together this year as well. I love you, and Happy New Year!”

Jackson added, “Since 2018 is a new start, I hope that you will get rid of everything that wasn’t good.” JB voiced a similar sentiment, saying, “I hope that you don’t feel too tired and that only good things will happen. I hope we can create a 2018 in which we can laugh together and be happy.”

Mark said, “Let’s make lots of good memories together during our promotions for this comeback. And afterwards, we have our world tour, so let’s spend lots of happy times together then as well. Please gain weight and then come to our concert!”

Jinyoung remarked, “It’s already February, and it won’t be long before we make our comeback in March. I think this year will fly by again, thanks to the time we spend with our fans. I hope that as we spend that short but happy and valuable time together, it’ll be a year that we feel proud of.”

Finally, BamBam expressed his gratitude to their fans, saying, “You must all be very tired. You were busy supporting us and voting for us, and we enjoyed great results and received a lot of awards thanks to your efforts.” He concluded, “Thank you for always staying by our side, and we will always work hard to not change and to be a diligent GOT7.”

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