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Former “The Unit” contestant Lim Jun Hyeok recently talked about his experience on the show.

The former DAY6 member did well in the center mission, position battle, restart mission, and self-producing mission, but was eliminated from the show before the finale.

He said, “In reality I filmed for 4 months, but it felt like 2 years. This was probably because even when we weren’t filming, we were practicing.”

During the audition rounds, he garnered attention for how nervous he was during his performance, pouring sweat under the spotlights. He said of that day, “I really missed the stage, and I went on the show because I wanted to do music again. I also wanted to be evaluated. I started music from a young age and have heard more good things than bad things about my ability. I wanted to get an objective evaluation of my skills, and fortunately got a good one during the first audition and gained courage.”

One mentor in particular, SHINee’s Taemin, praised him as being a person who sang well with a good tone. Lim Jun Hyeok said, “Taemin is good at singing and dancing, and he said that he liked my musical style. Rather than being flashy, he has a soft and gentle style, but I’ve heard that it was because of his good opinion that I was able to get a good evaluation during the audition.”

About dorm life, he said, “We had about 2 hours to sleep, but I thought that after this experience there wouldn’t be anything I couldn’t do. I lost about 4-5 kg (9-11 lbs.). Nobody told us to only sleep a couple hours, but because there wasn’t a lot of time to practice, we would adopt that kind of schedule. There wasn’t a lot of people sleeping in the dorm so there isn’t a lot of dorm stories to tell. There were a lot of people sleeping in the practice room.”

Lim Jun Hyeok also shared that A.C.E’s Jun and MVP’s Rayoon helped him a lot with dancing, as it was not something he was familiar with.

He concluded, “I didn’t pick a specific ranking that I aspired towards, but I lasted longer than I expected. Honestly, because I couldn’t dance, I thought I’d be eliminated in the first round. So at every ranking reveal, I thought, ‘It’s okay if I end up eliminated here.'”

Lim Jun Hyeok plans to release a self-produced solo single later this month.

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