Yang Hyun Suk Shares Messages From iKON After

iKON won first place on Inkigayo on February 18, and Yang Hyun Suk shared messages on Instagram that he’d received from the group members.

First off, leader B.I had written to him, “We got first place. It’s all thanks to you.” Yang Hyun Suk responded with, “Congratulations! I think it’s the first time in four years since ‘My Type.’ You worked hard. Let’s eat meat on Thursday.”

To that, B.I replied, “You’re right. No, I’ll work harder. The meat is going to taste sweet.” Since the word he used also sounds like “tastes like honey,” Yang Hyun Suk joked, “I’ll secretly put honey on it.”

Donghyuk also thanked Yang Hyun Suk, saying, “Thank you very much! I was so dazed that I became speechless and couldn’t properly say my speech. Thank you so much. I will continue to show you a good side. I love you.”

Yang Hyun Suk replied, “Yes, congratulations. I think the results are much more valuable because you got it after working hard. Let’s go eat meat on Thursday!”

Bobby also sent Yang Hyun Suk a message of thanks that read, “Thank you! Thank you so much for investing a lot of interest and energy into us until we won first place. From now on, I’ll develop as I work harder, do better, and listen carefully to the problems you point out. Thank you!”

Yang Hyun Suk uploaded those messages along with photos of their victory on his Instagram account. He wrote a message referring to their victory speech that showed their disbelief about winning first place, which read, “They seem to not know because they haven’t lived a long time yet. iKON, continue to be first place in the future.” He also mentioned that there is more good news to come in March.


Congratulations to iKON!

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