Lee Hyun Woo Enlists In The Military

Lee Hyun Woo is the next actor off to the military!

On February 19, he entered the 1st Division recruit training center in Paju. Before he entered, he commented with a smile, “I am excited. I am not sure why, but I am excited.”

He shared that he is not worried at all and slept well. For his last meal before enlisting, he ate bulgogi (marinated beef) and short rib soup.

When asked if he received advice from celebrity friends, he responded, “They gave me a lot [of advice]. [Park] Seo Joon hyung did, and [Kim] Soo Hyun hyung is also in the military, and when I contacted him during his breaks, he told me a lot of helpful things.”

The CEO of Lee Hyun Woo’s agency also posted several photos from his enlistment.

A few days prior, Lee Hyun Woo shared a photo after getting his hair cut. The image shows the message “Come back safe” written with his hair.


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He also posted a photo of himself with his new short hair.

까까머리? #1989이관명무시하기?

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On February 18, he uploaded a last selfie with friends and also mentioned UNIQ’s Sungjoo and Seungyoun, Dean, and Lee Seo Won, who were unable to be there. He wrote, “I love you all. Stay well and healthy.”

After five weeks of basic training, he will continue on active duty with his official assignment.

Wishing Lee Hyun Woo a safe service!

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