Girl's Day's Sojin Reveals And Explains Surprising Number Of Part-Time Jobs She's Held

Girl’s Day’s Sojin guested on the February 19 episode of “TALKMON,” where she revealed the great number of part-time jobs she’s had in order to support her dream of being a singer.

The cast were surprised to learn that Sojin has held 14 different part-time jobs throughout her life, everything from telemarketing to food places to tutoring. MC Kang Ho Dong asked her if these were part-time jobs she did while she was an idol trainee.

Sojin explained, “Even 10 years ago, if you did one part-time job, you earned a little less than 500,000 won (approximately $470) a month. One month’s rent would be around 400,000 to 450,000 won (approximately $375 to $422), and there were also cell phone bills, so it became hard to get by unless I had two part-time jobs because I had to attend academy as well.”

She continued on, “In the mornings around 6 a.m., I would work at somewhere like a bakery and make bread or buns. In the afternoon, I would go home, shower, and then go to practice. At night around 9 or 10 p.m., I would go to my second part-time job at an izakaya or late-night food establishment. After, I would go home and sleep, and then wake up for my morning part-time job, and repeat. I spent my days like that.”

Kim Hee Sun asked Sojin what her first part-time job was, to which she replied it was handing out flyers for a Chinese restaurant when she was a middle school student. Sojin shared that she took on the job because she wanted money to buy clothes at the time. She revealed how she would run down apartment complexes sticking the flyers on the walls.

Lee Soo Geun then asked Sojin about her time working at a sock factory. Sojin explained that she would stick brand name stickers on the socks as they came down the conveyor belt. She stated, “It was simple labor, but you couldn’t lose focus. After working for a few days, I became so dizzy. As I stuck the stickers on repeatedly, I became unable to see in front of me and I fainted. In the moment, I lost consciousness. The women working with me poured seven of their yogurt drinks together, and fed it to me, and then I was able to wake up. After that, I stopped doing that job.”

The rest of the guests shared their admiration for Sojin as she shared her story. They commented how hardworking Sojin is and how she had a strong sense of independence.

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