8 Essentials On How To Dress Like The Rich People In K-Dramas

Let’s face it. The powerful conglomerate, his snobby wife, spoiled daughter, and arrogant son are important elements in a K-drama, no matter how much we hate or love them. They’re the ones who build conflict, frustration, and heartbreak in the protagonist, and they’re necessary figures to show one character’s strengths and weaknesses. But whatever their purpose is in the plot, it cannot be denied that their fashion and manner of carrying themselves are fabulous. Here are stylish ways on how these chaebol characters are dressed to kill (literally and figuratively):

Power dressing

In Korean dramas, a good, tailored suit for men or a sophisticated workwear for women adds that extra confident glide and powerful look to a rich character. This also reinforces their “high brow” status as company owners or daughters/sons of huge stakeholders, which is why they always have to look polished.

Sophisticated workwear

In “Temptation,” Choi Ji Woo portrays Yoo Se-young, a hotel heiress who’s poised to take over her father’s company from a young age. Always firm, straight-to-the point, and fierce as a leader, her fashion choices are just as commanding. She always wears a matching power suit and clean-cut professional workwear. But she’s not afraid to spice it up with bright colors and prints. It’s no wonder she’s called “iron woman” because all she always looked spiffy and all she cared about was work and had no interest in love or marriage.

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Tailored suits 

Coco Chanel was once quoted saying, “Good manners on a man are like wearing an exquisite suit. They never go out of style.” Sleek and well-tailored suits are aplenty in dramas like “Incarnation of Money” with Kang Ji Hwan, “Master’s Sun” with So Ji Sub, and “Hwayugi” with Cha Seung Won. Bonus points if the powerful man wears a suit with a contrasting color to his assistants/bodyguards or minions which makes him stand out more.

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The “Man Perm”

For some reason, most rich male lead characters have a perm or a wavy hairstyle. Our guess is as good as yours, but maybe it’s because they have a lot of time on their hands, care way too much about how they look, or simply because getting a perm is expensive in Korea. Or maybe they were born with it. Whatever the case, these stars pulled it off so well and effortlessly that the hairstyle has become an iconic look.

Work that hair! Ji Sung in “Kill Me, Heal Me,” Lee Min Ho in “Boys Over Flowers,” Jung Kyung Ho in “Falling for Innocence,” and Jang Hyuk in “Fated to Love You.”

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Preppy headbands

It turns out that headbands are not only for kids. This hair accessory completes a preppy, prim, and proper look just like Kim Tae Hee in “My Princess,” who gave it a modern style. It also suited her character as a royal descendant who undergoes princess training. Krystal also wore a variety of headbands, ribbons, and berets as one of the richest students in an exclusive school in “Heirs.”

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The Princess wardrobe

One of the perks of being a daughter from a rich family is having a closet full of expensive clothes and shoes. Kim Ji Won played Rachel Yoo in “Heirs,” a spoiled brat who would do anything to get what she wanted. She wore stylish clothes plus a chic, straight fringe.

Lee Da Hae also had an extensive wardrobe of designer looks in “Hotel King” as befitting her role as a hotel heiress.

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The fur and pearl combo

Nothing spells luxury more than pearls and fur, and combining them makes an even bigger statement. This look is perfect for the quintessential prissy mother-in-law who would love nothing more than to torment his son’s wife or girlfriend, just like the one from “Secret Garden” and “Heirs.”

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The perfect-winged cat eyeliner

Speaking of evil stepmothers/mother-in-laws, their look would not be complete without that dramatic, classic eyeliner that’s perfect for looking down on people, specifically wife hopefuls wanting to become part of their highly exclusive family. It also makes eye rolling even more intense!

Pearls plus eyeliner equals more intimidating look!

The jacket draped over the shoulders

It’s a trend that never seems to go away. Nothing says “I’m somebody” more than a jacket or coat tossed nonchalantly over the shoulders.

A pair of mysterious-looking sunglasses

If all else fails, wear oversized sunnies to make you look mysterious and hard to reach. It gives a person that air of being a celebrity, too!

Ahn Jae Hyun in a hilarious scene from “Blood

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