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We’re nearing the end of tvN’s “Hwayugi,” and the drama promises major action and revelations ahead in the next two weeks. This week amped up the suspense by highlighting some unresolved questions, both new and old, that we’re eagerly anticipating the answers to in the remaining episodes. For a recap of what we are absolutely dying to find out after episodes 15 and 16, read on!

Warning: spoilers for episodes 15 and 16 below!

1. Who is Ma Wang’s child?

Woo Ma Wang (Cha Seung Won) has long presumed his child to be dead, but that changed this week when the ancient priestess hinted to him that this might not be true after all. When Ma Wang confronts Soo Bo Ri (Sung Ji Roo) about this, the elder acts unquestionably dodgy.

And when this scene cuts right to Soo Bo Ri’s “meeting,” a visit to the mysterious peddler’s grandson (ONE), we can’t help but wonder if the sequence is more than just a coincidence…

Does he take after Ma Wang, perhaps?

2. Whose baby is this?

On a related note, Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) finds a mysterious infant near his home, sent by the doctor who was there when Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) was born.


And when the doctor, also a mystical being of sorts, casually reveals that the baby is not yet born, we find ourselves wondering at the significance of her statement.

Especially when others point out the resemblance between the baby and Oh Gong.


Could this baby be Oh Gong and Sun Mi’s unborn child? Or are we foolish to hope for a happy ending for our ill-fated pair?

3. Why is everyone so mean to Asanyeo?

This one might be controversial, because the priestess Asanyeo is unquestionably an evil troublemaker for our beloved characters, not to mention the world. But she also had a pretty traumatic demise in her past life, when her husband-to-be tricked her into being buried alive on what was supposed to be her wedding day. I, for one, can’t help but wonder if she would be less evil and more inclined to play nice if the characters showed her some empathy and kindness, instead of treating her so rudely. Because she seems so genuinely touched every time someone acts kind towards her, even though P.K only does so because he cares about Bu Ja and Oh Gong only to mess with her.

Maybe if they showed Asanyeo a little love and sympathy, she would get over her 1,000 years of bitterness and finally be able to rest at peace.

But, then again, maybe not. And it looks like we’ll never find out, now that she has teamed up with evil politician Kang Dae Sung (Song Jong Ho).

4. What havoc will Kang Dae Sung wreak on the world?

We know that Kang Dae Sung is not a good guy, and that he has decided to enter South Korea’s presidential race. And his creepy smile and the fact that he has recently joined forces with Asanyeo make us doubt the race will be much of a fair contest.

But there’s a big difference between becoming an evil king and creating the sort of large-scale, earth-shattering disaster that Sun Mi foresees in her vision, and we’re waiting nervously to see just how Dae Sung and Asanyeo will throw the world into such devastating destruction.

5. Why are the heavens so cruel?

The heavens have doled out a multitude of harsh punishments throughout “Hwayugi,” from locking Oh Gong up in centuries of solitude to subjecting Princess Iron Fan to hundreds of reincarnations of lives with tragic endings. This week, we discovered that the fate of Sam Jang is always to be stabbed by her guardian — in this case, Oh Gong. Which is tragic not only for poor Sun Mi, but also for Oh Gong, because we highly doubt that he will be able to just happily kill Sam Jang when the Geumganggo is removed.


Plus, what is the justification behind such a cruel and awful fate as making someone be Sam Jang’s guardian, only to have them eventually kill the monk in the end? If the past guardian’s long-endured sadness is any indication, this fate is tragic in every incarnation. Why do the heavens ordain this?


6. Will Oh Gong find a way around using the sword?

In spite of this cruel fate, we know our Great Sage is resourceful and spirited, and he is certainly not going to stab Sun Mi just because the higher powers tell him to. So how will Oh Gong evade this destiny and save Sam Jang?

Is hiding the sword in his garden enough to avoid using it?


Is there a way to kill only Sam Jang while leaving Sun Mi alive, like how the bookseller demon previously became Sam Jang and left Sun Mi as just a normal human? Or will Oh Gong have to devise some other plan to spare his beloved’s life?

7. Will Sun Mi’s powers be useful?

Sun Mi has retained some of Asanyeo’s powers since the priestess left her body, including the occasional prophetic vision.

And while it’s nice that Sun Mi can use these powers to help people, we’re more interested in whether she will be able to use them to help herself and Oh Gong, preferably by avoiding their Death Bell fate or by saving herself from a different grim demise….

8. Will Ma Wang really try to eat Sam Jang?

Because now that Ma Wang’s wife has been saved and he no longer needs to play by heaven’s rules, all bets are off.

And with the desire to learn the truth about his child as a motivator, we would not put anything past Ma Wang.

9. Will Sun Mi and Oh Gong ever get married?

Finally, with things looking more and more dire, we’re wondering if Sun Mi and Oh Gong will ever be able to use all those wedding preparations that CEO Sa made… or if the closest they’ll get is the time when Oh Gong seduced Asanyeo while she was in Sun Mi’s body. We sure hope not!


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