UEE And Kim Kang Woo To Realistically Portray Struggles Of Single Life In “My Husband, Mr. Oh!”

MBC’s upcoming weekend drama “My Husband, Mr. Oh!” has shared some keywords that viewers should keep in mind ahead of its premiere.

“My Husband, Mr. Oh!” tells the story of Han Seung Joo (UEE), a passionate producer in her mid-30s who will do anything for viewership ratings and her struggles as a single woman in society. Sick of the societal prejudice against older single women, she gets married to a naive man named Oh Jak Doo (Kim Kang Woo).

Husband who moves in with his wife

This drama will introduce a new kind of married couple. Han Seung Joo chooses to get married only to achieve the social status of a married woman. Because of her desperation to reach this social status, she chooses to marry Oh Jak Doo and the two agree to do so only to fulfill each other’s needs. It’ll be a new take on the single people of this generation.

Realistic portrayal of single life

Han Seung Joo will realistically depict the lives of those who work and struggle to survive in this tough world. On top of this, she has to deal with the social bias and loneliness of being a single woman. The drama will relate to viewers and point out these social issues. It will also provide some healing for viewers through its character Oh Jak Doo, who has remained innocent through these kinds of difficulties.

New characters

The four actors will transform into new kinds of characters in this drama. Kim Kang Woo will become a natural, innocent man and UEE into a passionate producer. Jung Sang Hoon will transform into a stylish CEO while Han Sun Hwa will portray a famous Korean classical musician.

Director Baek Ho Min of “Jang Bo Ri Is Here” and writer Yoo Yoon Kyung of “Mama” have teamed up for this drama. “My Husband, Mr. Oh!” will premiere on March 3 at 8:45 p.m. KST.

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