5 Things We Loved And 2 Things We Hated About Episodes 7 And 8 Of

Radio Romance” is continuing to deliver the sweet romance, which is completely winning my heart. It has also intensified the love triangle, which means there will probably be more drama in the near future. Seeing as how the chemistry between Ji Soo Ho (Yoon Doojoon) and Song Geu Rim (Kim So Hyun) only continues to grow, I’m glad we’re able to see them become more close and personal.

Here’s a look at five things we loved and two things we hated about this past week’s episodes.

1. LOVED: Soo Ho finally getting a cellphone just for Geu Rim

This disguise when Soo Ho goes into the store to buy himself a cellphone was too adorable. He’s willing to go through so much trouble in order to stay connected with Geu Rim. It was subtly romantic and endearing to see him go this far!

…and the first person he calls is, obviously Geu Rim!

2. HATED: The K-drama trope we all hate – the evil “mother”

It’s sad enough that Soo Ho’s mother doesn’t genuinely love him, but it’s even sadder that she continues to sabotage his happiness. In the most recent episodes, she interferes the first dinner Geu Rim and Soo Ho have together, which we obviously despised:

And then she had to go and initiate a scandal between Jin Tae Ri (Yura) and Soo Ho.


3. LOVED: That heartfelt confession scene!

Soo Ho wearing his heart on his sleeve totally looks good on him. Did you hear the sound of his walls crashing down? He’s finally able to let someone into his life and not be alone!


4. HATED: The pain we know Soo Ho is going through

In this particular scene, Tae Ri basically begs Soo Ho to have a scandal with her so that she can become popular again. She tells him that she isn’t happy and Soo Ho’s response to her is a heartbreaking one. It really shows how unhappy and depressed he is about his life. You could really feel the weight in this particular line.

5. LOVED: Geu Rim finally realizing who Soo Ho really is

When Geu Rim asks Jason (Kwak Dong Yeon) if Soo Ho’s real name is Woo Ji Woo, I could hardly contain my excitement. I was really hoping they wouldn’t drag on the whole part about her not remembering or recognizing her first love that much longer.

6: LOVED: The simplicity and intimacy of this scene

After Geu Rim finds out that Soo Ho is Woo Ji Woo, they stumble into a room by themselves. The exchange they have is very simple and brief, but their chemistry is seriously sizzling. You can really see Soo Ho letting his guard down with Geu Rim and it’s so romantic to watch!


7. ALSO LOVED: The love triangle

Something about an intense love triangle just adds to the drama of a K-drama and I’m here for it. Soo Ho and Lee Gang (Yoon Park) finding out that they’re both in love with the same girl is only going to make things more interesting here on out. Exciting!

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Hey Soompiers, are you liking “Radio Romance”? What was your favorite part in this past week’s episodes? Let me know in the comments below!

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