Han Seung Yeon To Join Lee Sung Kyung And Lee Sang Yoon In New Drama

Han Seung Yeon will be returning to the small screen through tvN’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “About Time” (working title)!

The fantasy romance tells the story of Choi Michaela (Lee Sung Kyung) who has the ability to see not just her own life expectancy, but those of others as well. She will get entangled in a romance with a man (Lee Sang Yoon) who can pause the time left until her passing with practically no effort.

Han Seung Yeon will be playing Jeon Sung Hee, Choi Michaela’s long-term best friend from college. While she has striking “girl crush”-like visuals with her tanned skin, thick eyeliner, and over-the-top accessories, Jeon Sung Hee has an extremely cute personality and a tendency to say silly things. Actress Im Se Mi has also been confirmed as a part of the cast.

“About Time” will premiere sometime in May.

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