Otherworldly Inspiration: How To Dress Like The Characters Of “Hwayugi”

Seeing as they are supernatural demons, it comes as no surprise that the characters of “Hwayugi” all have very unique and distinctive fashion senses. Fuzzy and colorful, dark and stoic, or frilly and feminine, the characters showcase a wide variety of eye-catching styles for our viewing pleasure. For some “Hwayugi”-inspired fashion tips, let’s break down the individual styles of our favorite demons!

1. P.K

First up, pop idol P.K (FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki) is all about bright colors, and he spices up his outfits with vibrant jackets, sweaters, and accessories. He often sports interesting textures as well, wearing pieces that feature eccentric fuzz or shiny leather. Don’t worry if these styles are too quirky for you; even a more toned-down piece like this maroon puffer jacket (bottom right) will add a pop to your outfit:

P.K’s go-to color is blue, and he can often be seen wearing shades from turquoise to royal blue that complement his white-blonde hair. Find your favorite blue tone, or mix and match to get a P.K-inspired outfit!

2. Bu Ja

Bu Ja (Lee Se Young) goes for outfits with a sweetly feminine flair, often pairing simple skirts with blouses that have lace and frill detail.

If frills aren’t for you, try something subtler: Bu Ja’s tops tend to have feminine accents to the neckline, such as a simple frill, a bow, or pearls.

3. Son Oh Gong

Son Oh Gong’s (Lee Seung Gi) wardrobe reflects his hatred of the cold — he was born in a volcano, after all. When he’s out and about, the Great Sage often wears one of his trademark full-length fur coats:

But if you can’t see yourself in one of these giant furry pieces, there are other ways to get in touch with your wild side: Oh Gong also frequently incorporates subtle hints of leopard print into his outfits.

When not wearing animal furs and prints, Oh Gong lounges in tops with rich colors and luxe, scrolling patterns, befitting of the Great Sage, Equal to Heaven. These prints give off an effortlessly regal vibe that we love:

Of course, for a truly Oh Gong-inspired look, you’ll need the accessory that he never lets us forget about: the Geumganggo bracelet. Hopefully you won’t experience the same side effects as he does!

4. Jin Sun Mi

Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) brings it back to basics with her staple black looks, pairing various black coats with black tops and handbags. She shows us how to add some variety to this simple look with a crisp white blouse, or a slightly edgy pointed shoulder piece.

That’s not to say that Sun Mi’s wardrobe consists entirely of black, however; her casual wear often features lighter beiges, greys, and other neutrals. Although we’ve noticed that she has been wearing less and less black, even to work, as the drama has progressed. Perhaps it has something to do with her blossoming romance with Oh Gong?

Sun Mi’s most essential accessory is, of course, her yellow umbrella. Rain or shine, you should never leave home without one if you’re trying to ward off demons!

5. Secretary Ma

Two words: staple earrings. Secretary Ma (Lee El) is all about large, dangling, eye-catching earrings, and she has rocked so many different pairs that we’ve lost count.

To dress like Secretary Ma, you can take things one of two ways. She loves bold, solid-colored tops and outerwear:

But she also frequently wears pieces with loud, showy patterns:

Finally, grab a nice plum or magenta shade of lipstick, because Secretary Ma’s striking look is made complete with Lee El’s trademark bold lip.

6. Woo Ma Wang

While Ma Wang (Cha Seung Won) can pull off a variety of styles, he is best known for his ostentatious, attention-grabbing suits. For a Ma Wang-inspired look, go for loud colors and flashy textures.

Ma Wang’s staple accessory is a pair of square-framed sunglasses, which add the perfect amount of coolness and mysterious flair to every ensemble.

7. Asanyeo

The scheming undead priestess Asanyeo (played by Lee Se Young and Oh Yeon Seo) exudes power with her outfits — but you don’t need to be an evil sorceress to draw inspiration from her style for a look that radiates confidence. One way Asanyeo achieves this effect is by accentuating her shoulders with fur wraps that give her a regal air.

She also loves to dress in various shades of red, recalling the blood she spills in order to work her magic. Pink or red lipstick is also a staple, and her lip color tends to redden when she has recently fed on human souls — on second thought, perhaps that’s just blood on her mouth?

Finally, Asanyeo also frequently wears capes, which give her a mystical vibe with their enshrouding effect.

The capes are a stylistic nod to the ancient robes Asanyeo wore in her past life, because full-length sorceress cloaks are a little too outdated for modern fashion.

8. Winter General

Winter General (Sung Hyuk) has a very stoic style with a muted palette. At his ice cream shop, he dons this denim ensemble:

But when he’s not hard at work serving up scoops, he goes for turtleneck sweaters under long coats in dark neutrals; a somber color scheme that reminds us of grey winter days. To really complete Winter General’s look, don’t forget his signature man bun!

9. Summer Fairy

Winter General’s body is also inhabited by his sister, Summer Fairy, who contrasts with her brother by opting for a more feminine style: dresses with unique patterns and slightly plunging necklines. Accessorize with a thick choker necklace and dark nail polish to top off a Summer Fairy-inspired look.

10. Alice

As befits a trendy idol, Alice (Bora) sports an eclectic variety of styles. From the edgy to the feminine, the bright colors to the chic patterns, Alice rocks all these looks with effortless ease — and with a little confidence, you can too!

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