Famous Actor Accused Of Sexual Harassment

The agency of a famous actor has denied accusations of sexual harassment on set.

The actor, referred to by the initial “J” in reports, was said to have harassed a female staff member in her early 20s on the set of a television show in 2013. He is reported to be both a popular leading actor as well as a producer of plays.

According to the report, “J” called the staff member away separately and forced his lips on hers, as well as touched her chest and legs. It was also said that he had tried to contact her privately several times.

His agency responded on February 22 by stating, “The reports that he sexually harassed a female staff member are groundless.”

This report is only one of the latest in a growing number of accusations of sexual harassment in the Korean entertainment industry. As is the case in some other parts of the world, many victims of sexual harassment and assault have recently been inspired to speak out as part of a growing “Me Too” movement. Actor Jo Min Ki has been accused of sexually harassing students in his university class, film director Cho Geun Hyun was accused of sexual harassment during an audition, a producing director at MBC is under investigation for allegedly harassing a colleague, and more.

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