Yang Hyun Suk Treats iKON To Celebratory Dinner, Promises Fans A Special Surprise

According to YG Entertainment head Yang Hyun Suk, iKON fans are in for a special surprise!

On February 23, Yang Hyun Suk shared that he had taken the iKON members out to dinner to celebrate the continuing success of the group’s latest release, “Love Scenario.” He posted a photo of himself posing with iKON and YG trainee Choi Raesung (also known as MILLENNIUM), who worked with B.I on producing the hit song.

The YG founder wrote in Korean in the hashtags, “9 men having dinner together” and “Congratulations on being No.1 for 30 consecutive days.”

He also revealed that iKONICs [iKON’s fan club name] can look forward to an unexpected gift, writing, “We’re currently preparing a surprise gift for KONICs [sic]—watch out for your hearts.”

Congratulations to iKON!

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