“My Ahjussi” Drama Responds To Accusations Of Sexual Harassment Against Oh Dal Soo

On February 22, reports were made that a play actor in the 1990s had sexually harassed his female juniors at a theater in Busan. The reports went on to say that the actor was now a famous lead film actor who recently had played comic roles.

One media outlet reported that the actor in question was Oh Dal Soo. On February 23, a source from his agency Star Village Entertainment responded to questions from Sports Today by stating, “I’m sorry, we have nothing to say about Oh Dal Soo at this time.”

The agency source also refused to answer whether the agency was currently in contact with the actor, whether the actor would step down from his upcoming drama, and whether it was true that he had broken up with his girlfriend.

Oh Dal Soo will be appearing in the upcoming March drama “My Ahjussi.” The drama also issued a statement on February 23 that said, “The articles are reporting his name as a fact, but the situation is not yet clear. We understand that his agency is currently in talks with him. We are also waiting for the actor’s statement.”

Another report on February 23 stated that Oh Dal Soo and his long-time girlfriend Chae Gook Hee had broken up. They began dating after starring together in a film in 2012 and publicly acknowledged their relationship in 2016.

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Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews