Watch: Apink's Jung Eun Ji Joins Olympic Curling Craze And Shares Funny Video

Apink member Jung Eun Ji is celebrating the success of the South Korean women’s curling team at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, and she even filmed a funny parody video!

The women’s curling team in South Korea has done very well at the Olympics, and gained many fans that are enamored not only by their skills at the sport but also their endearing backstory.

The five-member team is known as the “Garlic Girls” because they come from a region of Korea known for its garlic, and unlike most sports teams at the Olympics, they came together because they already knew each other: two of the players are sisters, and the others are their friends and schoolmates. Their fairy tale-like story includes them fighting against the odds to train despite a previous lack of interest in the sport in the country, as well as facilities.

On February 23, the team beat Japan’s team in the semi-finals, meaning they’re going on to play for the gold. With many fans celebrating their win, Jung Eun Ji also took to Instagram to congratulate them and share a funny video!

She donned a pair of round glasses similar to the ones worn by the team’s “skip” (captain) Kim Eun Jung and acted out a curling scene with some friends. She even included details like shouting “Young Mi!”, since many fans have noted that all they can hear usually is Kim Eun Jung shouting her teammate Kim Young Mi’s name across the ice.

Jung Eun Ji wrote in the caption, “The emotions and the feeling from earlier.” She added in the hashtags, “Congratulations to our country’s curling team for making it into the final!!!!” She tagged her friends and also apologized to the players, adding, “We did it because we like you so much…” She then listed all of their names and cheered them on for the upcoming final.

Also, Jung Eun Ji and her friend Shim So Young (a model and actress) shared photos and videos from the stands of an event! It appears that the pair got to go together to see an ice hockey game at the Olympics.

Hopefully Jung Eun Ji keeps sharing the great time she’s having during the Olympics!

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