Lee Seung Gi And Cha Seung Won Share Serious Conversation In

tvN’s weekend drama “Hwayugi” has released previews of the upcoming episodes!

Lee Seung Gi plays Son Oh Gong, the decadent demon who daringly goes against The Grade Jade Emperor. Cha Seung Won plays Woo Ma Wang, the ‘gentler demon’ who practices 1000-year asceticism, seeking to attain immortality. Both demons are roommates who constantly squabble and keep each other in check, whilst bringing laughter to the viewers with their mischievous jokes.


Previously on Episodes 15 and 16, Ah Sa Nyeo (Lee Se Young) faced danger when Woo Ma Wang was sent to kill her. She deceived him by provoking him to think whether Princess Iron Fan’s child really died, creating tension between Woo Ma Wang and the Heavens. Following this, feisty Ma Wang, who feared on getting weaker, shared with Secretary Ma his method of gaining strength and said, “All I need to do is to catch Sam Jang (Oh Yeon Seo) and eat her,” seemingly to be getting into a conflict with Son Oh Gong.

In the stills, Woo Ma Wang obtains a traditional crown-shaped Geumgango and shows it to Son Oh Gong. Son Oh Gong seems intrigued yet worried about the traditional Geumgango that was larger than what he was currently wearing. Through the stills, Woo Ma Wang convinces Son Oh Gong passionately, creating curiosity about what’s to come.

The great chemistry between Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won constantly brought laughter to the set of the drama. As expected, the duo started to be playful when they were introduced to the new prop. Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won compared the modern and traditional Geumgango, while taking turns to try it on. However, as soon as the camera started rolling, both actors rapidly transformed into their characters and got into a serious conversation, astonishing the staff members.

The previews keep us on the edge as Woo Ma Wang has the intention to devour Sam Jang as soon as he successfully removes the modern Geumgango that Son Oh Gong is currently wearing. What is the actual reason for Woo Ma Wang to obtain the traditional Geumgango? Will the duo continue to maintain their bickering bromance?

Find out the answers in Episode 17 which airs on February 24 at 9 p.m. KST. Meanwhile, catch the latest episode of “Hwayugi” below!

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