Update: UP10TION Previews All Their Upcoming Tracks In “Invitation” Thumbnail Video

Updated March 14 KST:

UP10TION has given fans a quick listen to each of the songs on their new mini album “Invitation”!

Check it out below.

Updated March 13 KST:

UP10TION’s track list for “Invitation” is now out!

The group’s first full album will include 11 songs in total, and feature their title track “Candyland.” It’s due out on March 15 at 6 p.m KST.

Updated March 12 KST:

UP10TION has revealed an “action film” teaser for their upcoming “Candyland” MV!

Check out this new glimpse of their comeback below!

Updated March 11 KST:

UP10TION has shared an interesting video for their upcoming comeback!

The clip is titled “UP10TION – Invitation Trick X-Code” and is a video that deciphers the original cryptic teaser image that was posted!

First, the letters spell out “March first full comeback,” and then is followed by “JKKWBWSGHX,” which are the initials of the 10 UP10TION members. The message “We are ten” is followed by the word “Ten” spelled out in multiple languages.

Finally, all of the letters disappear except a handful which spell out “Candyland.”

Check out the video below!

Updated March 9 KST:

UP10TION shared teaser images of each of the members for their return with “Invitation”! Check out the beautiful photos below.

Updated March 9 KST:

UP10TION has released a group photo for their return with “Invitation,” and fans are celebrating as it features all ten members, including Wooshin!

Updated March 8 KST:

UP10TION has shared a teaser for their comeback, with this latest preview titled “Candyland Teaser” and also described as a “Notice Film.”

The clip features nine member following their invitations to a mysterious building, where they find someone waiting for them in a hallway. Many fans are hoping the figure is Wooshin, who has been on hiatus since June of 2017 due to health concerns.

Check out the teaser below!

Updated March 8 KST:

UP10TION has released another “Invitation” key code, this time featuring the text “05-04 Blvd.”

Updated March 7 KST:

UP10TION has released another “Invitation” key code for their return! This is “code32” and features the text “10-05 Blvd.”

Updated March 7 KST:

UP10TION has dropped yet another “Invitation” key code! The newest card is titled “Code03,” and says “07-02 Blvd.”

Updated March 6 KST:

UP10TION has shared another “Invitation” key code! The card in this image reads “09-07 Blvd.” and is titled “Code27.”

Updated March 6 KST:

The next code has been revealed for UP10TION’s comeback!

Titled “Code11,” it appears to read, “00-00.”

Updated March 5 KST:

UP10TION has dropped another code for their upcoming comeback.

Instead of an address, this one (titled “Code10”) reads “Not Found.”

Updated March 5 KST:

The fourth code has been released for UP10TION’s upcoming comeback!

Titled “Code99,” this code reads, “02-08 Blvd.”

Updated March 4 KST: 

UP10TION has dropped another mysterious teaser for their upcoming comeback.

This code is titled “Code96,” a reverse of the code dropped 12 hours earlier, and reads, “05-10 Blvd.”

Have you been able to crack UP10TION’s codes?

Updated March 4 KST:

The second code has been revealed for UP10TION’s comeback!

This one is titled “Code69” and reads, “06-03 Blvd.”

What do you think these codes mean?

Updated March 3 KST:

The first code has been unveiled for UP10TION’s upcoming comeback!

Titled “Code23,” the sign reads, “01-10 Blvd.”

Check it out below:

Updated March 2 KST:

UP10TION has revealed a comeback schedule for their upcoming release!

Check it out below:

Updated March 1 KST:

UP10TION has shared a new teaser!

The teaser shows that the group will be releasing “Invitation” on March 15.

Original Article:

UP10TION has released a mysterious new teaser image!

On February 24, the group posted a cryptic image with the phrase “INVITATION X-CODE” on Twitter. The image contains a grid of letters, with some of them appearing to spell out the word “ten” in several different languages.

Fans are currently speculating that the teaser may be hinting at a potential comeback.

Can you decipher UP10TION’s code? Leave your ideas and theories in the comments below!

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