Film Actor Accused Of Sexual Harassment And Physical Assault

With more people participating in the “Me Too” movement and come forward about sexual harassment in the Korean entertainment industry, another actor has been accused of sexual harassment.

On February 25, an anonymous person uploaded a post detailing their experience with the accused on an online community about plays and musicals.

It was written, “‘A,’ who used to be in Yeonheedan [one of Korea’s top theater companies] but now is doing well in movies, how are you? Do you remember the time when we performed together seven to eight years ago? You probably forgot about it. You went into a major agency and are doing well in movies, so the time with me would be nothing but trivial memories for you.

“When we would stretch before our plays, we had to listen to your obscene jokes and about the time you spent rolling around with prostitutes. There was even an actress who had just become of legal age stretching there as well. Right in front of her, you said, ‘You’re at the perfect age to sell yourself.’ Do you remember that?

“When the staff members and actors told you to apologize, you said no and threw tantrums for a few days. You said you didn’t understand why you had to apologize. It’s not like you were a little kid. On top of that, did you have to swear and beat up the staff until they were bruised just because the broken equipment wasn’t working? You must have felt offended by the people who teamed up to tell you to apologize for your sexual remarks.

“Even if you had been the producer, that wouldn’t be how you should act. Do you remember how the [original] crew ran away because of your tantrums and a new crew had to come? You harassed and beat up your fellow actors, and didn’t even self-reflect. Later on, you did apologize evasively, but was that even an apology?

“You must have thought the incident must have passed by because the play was over, but I still have the scars from back then. The colleagues I met later on had become a mess as well. My colleagues from back then and I all quit acting. For the past seven to eight years, I didn’t even watch TV, movies, or plays, just in case it would make me want to be part of plays again. I just lived quietly, breathing, just in case I might think of the scars from back then.

“A long time has passed, and I thought of plays again. I finally managed to calm down, and watching plays from time to time is my one and only joy. However, one day, I saw your face on a Naver advertisement and bus stop advertisement board. I saw your round, smiling face, and my nightmares from back then returned.

“You probably forgot that incident, didn’t you? People praised you for being a good supporting actor in the movies. I want to forget about you, but I keep thinking of you. You’re praised for playing a good villain, but all you did was reflect your true personality. Maybe your acting has become better because I heard that you were even acting as nice characters now.

“Recently, during the Lee Yoon Taek case, you said you were chased out of the theater and couldn’t be in plays because of him. However, [that case] was after the time we acted together, after you left the theater company, and you acted in several plays after that [case] as well. It’s not that you couldn’t be in plays because of Lee Yoon Taek.

“Did you like Yeonheedan that much? Was it some place that still accepted you despite your obscene jokes, sexual harassment, and beatings? Is that why you came to someone else’s troupe and naturally dirtied it? ‘A,’ during the Lunar New Year holiday, the alarm on my phone kept sending me messages about an event that was going on, where I could watch the movie that you appear in for free. I felt dirty during the entire holiday.

“There are many talks of the ‘Me Too’ movement lately. I thought I was really going to puke after hearing your interview about Lee Yoon Taek. You have no right to say that. Please shut up. You hurt others and stepped on their dreams while you smile, pretend you’re innocent, and act nice just because you fulfilled yours. At this rate, you’re going to be punished.”

Recently, due to the confessions of the “Me Too” movement, Jo Min Ki and Jo Jae Hyun have stepped down from their dramas—with the latter confessing the sexual harassment allegations were true—, and Oh Dal Soo’s upcoming drama in March is in question as well. The aforementioned Lee Yoon Taek, the artistic director of Yeonheedan, was also accused of sexual harassment and assault, as well as rape and forcing his victim to receive an abortion. The director recently admitted to all but the rape and forced abortion in a press conference.

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