Watch: BLACKPINK Has Fun And Can't Stop Eating In Yokohama In

The BLACKPINK members are hungry all the time, even in Yokohama.

The newest episode of “BLACKPINK House” followed the members in Yokohama for their concert. The episode shared how the members spent their time while not on-stage.

The episode began with Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé hungrily headed out to the nearest convenience store in search of some food. They loaded up on food, buying everything from candy, snacks, cup ramen, and more.

Meanwhile, Jennie revealed she stayed behind at the hotel to eat because she was too hungry. She explained she has to unpack, but after a bit of contemplation, she decided to go to bed instead.

The episode then turned to Rosé, who munched happily on her food from the convenience store. She then decided to watch the episode of “BLACKPINK HOUSE” when the members enjoyed their first vacation in Thailand. She laughed and commented, “I eat a lot, I didn’t know.” Even with this realization, she continued to eat, while also watching herself eat.

The next day, Jisoo took the show behind-the-scenes of their Yokohama concert, where the girls took selfies and danced around while getting ready. Jisoo asked Jennie how she felt about standing on such a big stage, to which she answered in an adorable yet incoherent mix of Korean and Japanese. Jisoo translated, “She’s nervous, and her heart is thumping. But she’s hungry, so she wants to finish the performance quickly so she can eat.”

After the performance, the members returned to their hotel. Their inner foodies emerged once more, as they munched on various fried foods and melon bread from the convenience store.

Lisa then tried to act cool and posed elegantly by the window with her milk tea. Jisoo egged her on and told her to pretend it was a commercial, to which Lisa sipped on the drink and whispered, “Call me.” The members became jokingly horrified, and tease Lisa by telling her that the commercial directors would never call her now.

The next thing the members do is eat, yet again! This time, it’s room service with steak, soup, and spaghetti.

Watch the full clip below!

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