BTS’s RM, Yoo Seon Ho, Roy Kim, And More Congratulate “Problematic Men” On 3rd Anniversary

tvN’s variety show “Problematic Men” is celebrating its third anniversary!

“Problematic Men,” a variety show focused on brainteasers and problem solving, recently received a flood of congratulations on its upcoming third anniversary.

BTS’s RM, one of the six original cast members, expressed his long-lasting affection for the show, saying that he hoped it “would continue to bring joy to many viewers with its refreshingly creative problems.” He added, “I think it’s a really entertaining program. I still watch it myself, and I can’t believe it’s already the third anniversary. I really hope the show continues to grow even five, ten years into the future. Fighting!”

Former “Produce 101 Season 2” contestant Yoo Seon Ho, who appeared as a guest on the program last year, also offered his congratulations. “I hope it’s a show that continues to grow,” he remarked, before recalling fondly, “The thing I remember most [about the show] is that those muscat grapes I ate were really delicious.”

Singer Roy Kim commented, “I’m curious to know whether my hyungs [on the show] are doing well. I watch the show often. Actually, I’ve been watching it more often since I appeared on the program, and I think it’s still really fun.”

Roy Kim also shared his desire to make a second appearance on the show. “I’m wondering when they’ll invite me again,” he said. “Next time I go to Korea, I really hope you’ll invite me to appear again!”

Meanwhile, comedian Yang Se Hyung jokingly thanked the program’s director for going easy on him when he appeared as a guest. “To be honest, I kept telling the director that I didn’t have the necessary level of intelligence,” he explained. “But he selected problems that were suited to my skill level.”

Congratulations to “Problematic Men” on its third anniversary!

You can check out the highlight reel of congratulatory messages below: