H.O.T. Members Thank Fans For Waiting For Them After

Infinite Challengeaired the rest of its special H.O.T. special broadcast on February 24. Following the broadcast, several of the H.O.T. members took to their Instagrams to express their gratitude for fans one more time, and promise that they will meet again.

Kangta wrote, “Thank you,” and then also included through hashtags, “Hoping this is not the end, but the beginning. H.O.T. Forever.”

Tony said, “Thank you, I’m sorry, I love you. For being with us for a long 22 years, for waiting 17 years, and for protecting us until now.” He also added, “In the end, we spent 22 years together with our fans.”

Lee Jae Won expressed, “I’m not sure how you all saw the broadcasts. I’m a little embarrassed because I think I may have come across as pitiful since I cried too much on TV now. I had a lot of complicated feelings since we had been on hiatus, I felt overwhelmed to stand on stage together with my members, and we were meeting fans again after 17 years. I think I ended up conveying those [feelings] as is. Next time, I will greet you in a happier and better state! I am anticipating the day we can meet again, after the members all quickly and completely heal from their injuries. Both myself and the fans, let’s not cry anymore. I wish that you will only have lots of experiences that will make you smile. Thank you.”

In a hashtag, he wrote “gomisahyoung,” which stands for, “Thank you, I’m sorry, I love you, forever,” in reference to a famous fan chant for H.O.T. that uses those phrases.


Check out the full “Infinite Challenge” broadcast and see their long-awaited reunion performance!

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