9 Times Yoon Doojoon Made Us Laugh, Cry, And Swoon In Episodes 9 And 10 Of

If you’re like me, then you’ve totally climbed onto the Yoon Doojoon bandwagon. He’s been proving himself week after week, showing what a heartthrob he can be. The fact that his character is so vulnerable and romantic is only adding to the sizzling factor.

Ji Soo Ho (Yoon Doojoon), you’ve stolen my heart. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

Here’s a look at nine times in episodes 9 and 10 of this past week’s “Radio Romance” episodes where he made us laugh, cry, and swoon.

1. The adorable chemistry he has with the little girl at the hospital

UGH. It’s just too cute.

2. The look on Ji Soo Ho’s face when he painfully thinks about his family and how unhappy he is

3. Ji Soo Ho admitting to his feelings for Geu Rim and telling PD Park to back off

4. Su Ho wanting to buy the whole building that Geu Rim lives in, only to find out that the PD actually owns it

The embarrassment!

5. The tear that is shed when he reveals the truth of his family

When Geu Rim finally understands why Su Ho turned out to be a cold and lonely famous actor, she gives him a simple acknowledgment of the hardships he has gone through in his life. This simple gesture made him feel understood, giving him the chance to release the sadness that was built up for so long within him. It’s a touching moment and we are so happy Geu Rim is able to find out more about Su Ho.

6. Ji Soo Ho ever so subtly giving a car to Geu Rim

Isn’t it so cute how shy he is?

7. How straight up and persistent Su Ho is when asking Geu Rim out

8. That “I love you”

Just in case Yoon Doojoon wasn’t making you swoon enough.

9. When Su Ho promises to continue doing the radio program and kisses Geu Rim

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Hey Soompiers, what was your favorite Yoon Doojoon moment in this past week’s episodes of “Radio Romance”? Let me know in the comments below!

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