Oh Dal Soo Apologizes To Uhm Ji Young And Other Victims For Sexual Harassment

After Oh Dal Soo initially denied the sexual harassment allegations made against him, actress Uhm Ji Young appeared on JTBC’s “Newsroom” to come forward about the sexual harassment she faced.

Following Uhm Ji Young’s testimony, Oh Dal Soo released an official statement on February 28, admitting to sexual harassment and apologizing to the victims.

Below is the translation of his statement:

“This is Oh Dal Soo.

“The series of events that happened recently are all my fault. I am genuinely sorry for troubling so many people. I bow my head in apology to those I’ve hurt in the past and present. It is all my fault, and I am the one to blame.

“I went through a difficult time in the last few days. In the midst of all the criticism I had received for giving a delayed statement, I truthfully could not recall a clear memory of the people who have been hurt. I was scared that people would question why I couldn’t remember anything, but it was honestly how I felt. I am deeply repenting over this.

“After reading the comments and media reports, I tried to recall my memory again by asking my acquaintances from that time. However, it’s true that the information from the interview is a bit different from my memories. I wanted to confirm [the facts] and talk to her face to face. I felt so frustrated. I will bear with all the criticism I faced for not expressing my feelings earlier and just insisting that the [sexual harassment] never happened. I’m sorry.

“To [the anonymous woman] ‘A,’ if you are the person I’m thinking of, you were a very shy and kind person with a strong sense of identity. Because you were very skilled at writing, I suggested that you write a play or novel.

“I am already a trapped animal with my arms and legs cut off. But I will endure it all. I am aware that in this world, fame and luck come and go quickly.

“25 years ago, I thought I had feelings of romance. I sincerely apologize for the pain I’ve caused at whatever point. I feel heavily guilty that [the victims] had to go through life with all this pain. I know it’s hard now, but I hope your wounds will eventually heal. And if there is a specific way that ‘A’ wants to handle this, I am willing to follow her wishes.

“To actress Uhm Ji Young, I am deeply sorry that as a teacher to young students, you had to come out on TV because of me. Whatever I say will sound like an excuse and no one will believe me, but my heart really aches. I will accept all the stern rebukes. [Uhm Ji Young], please ease your heart and stay healthy.

“I will reflect and look back on the life I’ve lived so far. I will live with a remorseful heart. And lastly, I will not avoid the consequences of my actions. I am also sorry to those who have gotten hurt a second and third time because of me. I have hurt the people who have given me so much undeserved support.

“I am sorry once again.”

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