Tablo Sends His Friend Bong Tae Gyu A Coffee Truck On The Set Of “Return”

Epik High’s Tablo showed support for his good friend Bong Tae Gyu!

On February 28, Bong Tae Gyu’s agency iMe Korea posted photos of the actor standing in front of a coffee truck and said, “On the 27th, Epik High’s Tablo sent a coffee truck to the set of SBS’s ‘Return.'”

The coffee truck was adorned with sweet messages from Tablo. At the top of the truck, it said, “I love you Tae Kyu! Cheers everyone.”

On another banner, it read, “Actor Bong Tae Gyu, all of the actors, and staff. I wish you all well!”

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Bong Tae Gyu proudly smiled in front of the truck and raised his arms to thank Tablo for the sweet gesture. The two have been friends since they were young and their close friendship is well-known in the industry.

According to the staff, the coffee truck was energizing for both Bong Tae Gyu and the staff who were exhausted from the packed filming schedule.

On “Return,” Bong Tae Gyu plays the role of Kim Hak Beom, a professor at the Myeongseong Theological Foundation, and one of the suspects of a murder.

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