12 Things About Stray Kids That Will Get You Hooked

From an ungodly amount of Coca-Cola consumption to freezing up in front of the GOT7 members, stanning Stray Kids is always a wild ride. This is one group you definitely don’t want to miss out on! Here are 11 things sure to pique your interest about JYP’s newest boy group.

1. They’re creative

Have you seen their dance round from their battle versus YG’s trainees? Even YG was curious how they came up with the choreography and found it incredibly intriguing and entertaining.

2. They love Coca-Cola

When are they going to get global sponsorship from Coca-Cola? Perhaps they already have one. They’re always drinking it, always, always, always! Maybe it’s the secret to all their talent?

3. They know the taste of loss

They say nothing worth having comes easy, and the members of Stray Kids definitely learned that lesson. We’re so glad to see them as a team of nine, but it definitely didn’t come without some tears…

While their training journey was quite an adventure to watch, we’re even more excited to see what they can accomplish as debuted artists.

4. They get shy around celebrities

Perhaps it’s a part of being a new artist in the industry, but their humility is admirable and makes them even more relatable. Did you see how quickly Hyunjin froze?

5. They’ve got some dark emotions

They’re not picture perfect and they embrace it. They put their raw emotion into things and let you see what’s going on in their minds, which can sometimes be dark. For example, their song “Hellevator” was just the beginning to understanding their experience.

6. They write their own music

Okay, it’s not always about the darkness with them and we can see this through the various songs about their own lives that they’ve produced. These songs range from not wanting to wake up for school to riding a bus to training facilities.

7. They LIKE to dance to girl groups

While there is only one clip of them dancing to a girl group song as of now, look how excited they are! It seems Seungmin enjoys copying Momo’s dance solo a little too much.

9. They can speak many languages

This is a skill set that will definitely capture the attention of fans all over the world! Artists definitely do not owe us anything, but we can’t help but melt a little when they speak English and hit us with that Australian accent.

10. They can cook

As if it isn’t hard enough being a trainee, many of them have lived in the dorms for a very long time. One essential skill to living that kind of life is cooking!

11. They can run on no sleep

They may snooze off every now and then, but they’re all secretly robots and essentially run on no sleep (especially Bang Chan). Maybe through observation, we can learn a little something from them.

12. They wear matching hoodies

The name Stray Kids was definitely not an easy accomplishment and they wear it with pride. Gifted to the members by leader Bang Chan, they wear matching hoodies with their group name proudly, and it’s way too cute. You can see them in their dance practice video above.

What do you love about Stray Kids? Let us know in the comments below!

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