Actress Seo Woo Reveals She’s A Huge Fan Of BTS

Looks like there’s another celebrity fan of BTS!

On the upcoming episode of KBS2’s “Happy Together,” the first segment will center around female guests with strong and unique characteristics. The guests include actress Seo Woo, Goo Hara, Lee Chae Young, and Lee Da In.

Seo Woo’s appearance on the variety show comes after a lengthy hiatus. The actress revealed that she had been busy fangirling over BTS.

She talks about how huge of a fan she is and says, “I watch BTS videos and stay up late every night.” She continued, “I found out that BTS lives very close to where my home is. After realizing that I always keep the blinds open.”

The actress also mentions that 24 hours is simply not enough time for fangirling. When asked about who her favorite member is, she answered, “BTS shines brightly when all seven members are together.”

Seo Woo also joked about the real reason for her return to the entertainment industry and said, “I have to go to BTS’s concert with my ‘Happy Together’ appearance fee. I will work a lot now.”

She further explained, “I rested because I wanted to change my image, but I think I rested for too long. From now on I will not be picky but do anything.”

You can find out more when this episode airs on March 1 at 11:10 p.m. KST.

Check out the most recent episode of “Happy Together” below!

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