FAVE Entertainment To Take Legal Action On Behalf Of JBJ Against Malicious Commenters

FAVE Entertainment has released a stern warning against those leaving malicious comments about JBJ.

The announcement was made on March 2 through JBJ’s official fancafe and read, “Our continued monitoring of online communities and social media has found the proliferation of personal attacks and malicious comments that constitute as sexual harassment. Not only do these cause psychological harm to our artists [JBJ], but they are serious cases of defamation of character.”

The agency continued to state, “We have come to the conclusion that we can no longer stand by, and along with each member’s agency, we are currently preparing to take strong legal action against malicious comments and actions that cause psychological harm to and defame the characters of our artists.”

The announcement was concluded with, “We will continue to monitor and collect evidence of malicious comments against JBJ, and they will all be met with strong legal action with no exceptions. Finally, we would like to thank JBJ’s fans for always caring for and supporting JBJ. Thank you.”

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