Brown Eyed Girls Celebrate 12-Year Debut Anniversary With Handwritten Letter To Fans

Brown Eyed Girls has reached their 12-year anniversary!

On March 2, the group uploaded a handwritten letter on their fan cafe. Penned by their leader JeA, the members thanked their fans for always their constant support, love, and encouragement throughout the past 12 years. The group also expressed their joy in making their fans happy, and shared that they always kept their fans in mind. The letter concluded with the group exclaiming their desire to stay together with their fans until the end, and signed the letter with their love.

Brown Eyed Girls debuted in 2006 with their first album “Your Story,” and released six albums in the past 12 years. The group has also released hit tracks including “Love,” “Abracadabra,” “Sign,” “Sixth Sense,” “Kill Bill,” and more.

Read the full letter below:

“Hello, this is Brown Eyed Girls.

“Our fans! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Do you know what today is? It’s Brown Eyed Girls’ 12-year anniversary. Our leader JeA is putting the four members’ hearts together and writing this letter, to repay in this small way, the love and support our fans have given us during these long 12 years.

“Our youngest has already turned 32 years old. Throughout the years, there were things that happened that were happy, and also not so happy, but the encouragement from you all who have been with us the whole way has always been a huge source of strength for us.

“Though we are happiest when showing you all a performance which we prepared our best for, as we write this letter and think, we seem to recall more of the small things, since we’ve been together for so long.

“Even in the days where we finished our difficult schedules and couldn’t properly say goodbye before leaving, you all were always in our hearts and so in the car we would always look back at you with our necks twisted, until we couldn’t see you anymore.

“We were able to work hard in every moment because of your happiness and the way you all smiled, as if you guys had everything in the world, for every small event we prepared.

“We also saw the billboard at Samseong station commemorating our 12-year anniversary. We were very touched. Thank you so so much and we will work hard to repay that love.

“We are now in the type of relationship where we don’t have to say much for you guys to know how we feel, and right now is probably when waiting is the hardest thing to do. Throughout this long time, we think it’s amazing and are very thankful every time we see our fans cheering us on like our family. As we go beyond the relationship between artists and their fans, you all have given us strength as you stayed by us, and we hope that this will continue. We’ve spent only 12 years together, so let’s go all the way together! We love you! We love you! We love you!

“With love, Brown Eyed Girls.”

Congratulations to Brown Eyed Girls on their 12-year anniversary!

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